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Welcome to my intimacy growth community! Before building it, I’ve been around various communities, training settings, and practitioners to see what the healthy and sustainable way for growth is and where the pitfalls lie.

Today I bring you a perspective on sexual and intimacy growth in an ethical and healthy way. Consider it your grounded and strategic approach for sexual development.

This perspective is grounded in our natural evolving rhythms, based on more settled principles (it’s not a flashy or spectacular approach, but commitment-oriented). It’s not a thrill-seeking approach, but a sustained pleasure ensuring yield.

There are three main elements I see for grounded and palpable sexual growth:


We have a saying in Romania: „The fish rots from its head.” When I began my journey in 2014, after seeing the effects of little education, no role models, and little true understanding in my place of birth around the topic of sexuality, I decided (without knowing at the time how I would do it) to get educated in a different way from most people: outside of any type of relationship.

Nowadays it’s no longer the case. We are collectively realizing we need education around values, definitions, boundaries, understanding our sexual wiring. There already is a mental shift towards learning about sexuality in a more ethical way.

A few articles to dive more into the future:


The idea of training your body for your sexual expression is still inconceivable to many people still. If anyone is to be good at sex, most people think they should just have it. That’s where I come in and say: ”Not always so!” If you understand your body and how you can access more of its sexual capacities, then you understand that you can train it.

You can have as much sex as you want, but if you lack a true understanding of your body, your wiring, if you don’t conceive to ever sit down and look at what your sexual expression can grow to be, then you do not have the full spectrum.

Sexual expression begins with your body, the relationship you have with it, and the knowledge of how it responds in different circumstances. It also begins with your patience to experiment and with your willingness to gently test your boundaries.

Here are some articles to explore further:


There’s one clear law of nature that says survival of the fittest. But this doesn’t mean only a strong and agile body that clears competition. Taken at an internal level, this is a healthy body that can also give from its vital resources in order to produce new life.

Both men and women give out many resources from their bodies (i.e., men through ejaculation, women through menstruation as well as during pregnancy) that indicate just how much health matters for reproduction. And even if we take away the reproduction, as our species is not threatened by extinction, and look at sexuality from the pleasure perspective, health still matters. We can’t enjoy sex with an aking, malnourished, or fragile body.

A few articles to approach the health aspect:


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