How do I reset my password?

  1. From the menu click the ‘LOGIN’ button.
  2. Then click ‘Lost Your Password?’
  3. Enter your Username or the Email Address that you used when you started your account into the window and click ‘Submit’
  4. We will send you a Email to that address with a Change Password link

How do I add a profile picture?

  1. From the menu click the “My Account” button.
  2. Go to “My account” section
  3. Click “Update at” and follow the instructions to add a Gravatar to your account.

How do I update my subscription’s payment method?

  1. From the menu click the “My Account” button.
  2. Click on the link for Membership Billing (last one on the page)
  3. Click on the paypal link and update your payment method (Your payment subscription is managed by PayPal.)

How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. From the menu click the “My Account” button.
  2. Go to the “My memberships” page section.
  3. Click on cancel button.
  4. Confirm cancelation.


Sorry, there are no refunds on subscriptions for billing periods that have already lapsed or started. There are NO Refunds for any Virtual Content that you get immediate access to and can utilize the moment you finish the purchase.

I’m having trouble getting the videos to play, what should I do?

Keep in mind — We do not have control of the Video Player and how it functions. All videos are hosted at Vimeo Support Page.
99% of all problems with the videos are from needing to update your browser, or the Flash player plugin. Browsers and Flash are being updated very frequently because of security issues, so make sure you stay on top of updates!

Things to try

  • Close other tabs or windows – this one is actually really important. If you have other tabs/windows open in your browser, it can have a big impact on video playback.
  • Switch to lower quality – our videos are super high quality and you need a really fast internet connection to play them. If the video if skipping, try switching to a lower quality version to see if that helps.
  • Update everything – make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. And make sure the Flash player plugin is also updated to the latest version. We recommend using Google Chrome browser because it comes with Flash and handles updates for you.
  • Check your internet – sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have network trouble. You can check your connection by doing a speed test at Google Speed Test.

Some common problems:

  • If you see a solid black, green, or gray rectangle where the video should be …
    That means you need to update your Flash plugin. Go here to download the latest version -> Install the latest version of Flash
  • The video plays but skips a lot …
    This is usually because of a slow network connection. Click the “HD” button on the video and switch to a lower quality, like 560p or 360p.
    To play the HiDef quality, you need an internet connection of at least 8Mbps. You can check your internet connection speed at
  • If the videos usually play fine, but for some reason they don’t today …
    Sometimes your internet service provider will have network problems. It happens. Maybe a piece of equipment goes bad and has to be replaced. You can contact them to see if they are having any network troubles.

Advanced Video Debugging

If the videos skip a lot, try using the “debug window.” Start by playing one of the videos and then press the “d” key on your keyboard. That will open a “debug” window to monitor the video playback and any skips, etc. Just let it sit there as you do the workout.

When it is finished, or when you are too frustrated to continue ;), press the “Open Link” button. A new window will open with statistics that we can send to Vimeo. Copy the link from the window and email it to us at

Payment issues

In case your payment did not go through, here are some potential solutions:

  • contact the card issuer and ask for them to allow PayPal payments
  • try making the purchase by switching the browser as there might be an issue with the cache and cookies
  • If these fail, please email it to us at