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30 March 2020

Salut! I’m Liana, a Holistic Intimacy Coach with over 4 years of experience in my line of work. My mission is to help people expand their understanding of their needs, emotions, values & mindset around intimacy.

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Breakthrough your intimate routine!

sexDOJO™ contains dozens of follow-along video practices. You can choose from stretching, voice & sound practices, mindful presence, work with accessories, or full programs for specific goals. Overcome fear, shame, anxiety, or frustration related to your intimate expression & expand your life.

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Community feedback

I love that this course was engaging and that I felt comfortable watching and listening to the content and techniques, I would recommend this course to friends and colleagues and I wish everyone who is interested in learning about their sexuality be will and be open to this content THANK YOU AGAIN LIANA.

– Abiola Daw

Dear Liana, you are very versed with the subject and very passionate about it. You are very intuitive and have a very genuine way of expressing your mind keeping the learner state of mind in vision. It is a very good course for anyone who wants to start the journey to be a better man. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful course. Love and Peace 🙂

– Satish Saxena

I love Liana’s approach, specifically how she explains both the health and medical benefits of breast massage and expresses sensitivity and kindness when talking about pleasure, at the same time. I also like how she always stresses that any process needs to happen at one’s own pace, and focuses on the gentleness that we, women, deserve to enjoy. Awesome!

– Deliana T.

She is so natural and quite knowledgeable on the course of matter as regards sexuality, I love how she explains and teaches, good course. everyone should enroll for this course and be trained.

– Jessica Sampson

This course was great! I applied the main lesson and it was simply beautiful. The only downside is that neither my partner nor I are getting enough sleep 🙂 Thanks!

– Dr. Thomas Schlegel

I think this course is a good match. Liana has a very direct but tender and relaxed style, which is well-suited to this topic.

– Erin Gardner

I liked it! It is interesting for men and women. Your tips in the end were good (feminine quality), men should listen well! 🙂

– Iman Matuska

Why this is not taught at school! Lovely course, full of insight also in the theory part! I loved the aspect of building the atmosphere for the massage.

– Emanuele De Paoli

I like the information that was given. I am hoping to find out more ways to arouse the Woman’s body, I really liked the massage techniques. I also liked the final videos about sexuality and connecting with partners.

– Kapil Narale