1on1 Coaching

If you are looking for answers or solutions to challenges related to your intimate life (whether you are in a relationship or not), individual coaching is the most elaborate solution I offer.

My individual coaching process begins with a thorough intake (or assessment process). The intake is written and can be done in either one or several days (depending on your own pace of self-analysis and self-synthesis).


  • Better clarity on your current situation
  • Identify several ways to develop in intimacy
  • The habit of consciously & intentionally working with your emotions, body & sexual instinct
  • Clarify or establish an intention for your current stage in intimacy
  • Identify personal boundaries and your own way of communicating them to ensure your harmony & well-being in intimacy
  • Mental (conscious) and body (subconscious) ways in which you understand & translate pleasure
  • Ways to address tensed or apparently incompatible aspects in your relationship
  • Clarity adapting the coaching practices to your intimate life
  • Awareness of the emotions and values ​​ you embody in your physical & sexual intimacy
  • Address the most pressing aspects of your sexuality & identify ways of solving them (on medium or long term)
  • Working with your erotic voice: relax around communicating your physical & emotional states, possible blocks related to expression
  • Communicate with your body and understand the messages it gives
  • Identify and work with your beliefs about your own sexuality
  • Practices to help intensify or keep arousal for much longer
  • Practices to keep your sexual impulse balanced (including in the absence of a relationship or periods of abstinence)

Download the

3 secrets to vibrant sexuality

Periodically I send resources on sexual development (videos, links, events, polls)


LEGALLY: a coaching contract (confidentiality clauses included) and payment upon an invoice
DURATION: 6 weeks
PLACE: in Bucharest at a therapeutic center or in video conferences if we live in different cities or countries
PRICE: 600 EUR (for payments in a single installment) or 720 EUR (for payments in two installments)


  • Use the Contact page
  • We will schedule either a 1-hour call or live meeting (free of charge)
  • In this discussion, we will assess whether this process can respond to your specific search and whether we match in work style
(perspectives on sexual development, compatibility in communication style, the ability to take this commitment)

Work structure:

  • You will fill-in an intake form
  • We will have a session of 2 hours / each of the 6 weeks
  • You will receive a home assignment (which can range from inner contemplation, communication or writing to bodywork)
  • You will send a feedback after completing your assignment (the same week you have received it)
  • You will receive a weekly report from me (with important aspects that came up and recommendations or steps to subsequently follow)

Other information:

My professional background here.

My yearly reports:

*** This individual working process is confidential. Disclosure of any information may be done based on an explicit agreement from both parties and only in mutually agreed ways.

Growing in sexuality means growing in other areas of our lives.