Breathwork, when used in its deepest and most powerful way, is a potent therapeutic resource.

If you have already stepped on you self realization path, breathwork can help shed old programming, wounds or blockages that cover your true potential.



When you set out to fulfill your intentions or dreams, but fail, breathwork can support you to purge through hindrances. It unlocks energy, drive, motivation, belief in yourself that you can do it. This tool, when done by the book, is a tremendous healing and empowerment tool.


Step #1.
You understand the basics: breathwork is essentially a method in which different breathing patterns are used for specific durations of time. The patterns vary according the health condition of the breather and the objective worked on.
Step #2.
You understand the 10 main sources of wounding according to the Rebirthing Breathwork™ modality: 
(1) parental disapproval, (2) pregnancy and birth, (3) personal lie / personal truth, (4) past lives or trans-generational “baggage”, (5) school, (6) religion, (7) anesthesia, (8) senility, (9) rejection of the inner feminine and (10) rejection of the inner masculine.
Step #3.
You book Rebirthing Breathwork™ sessions on each of the topics (this is discussed with Liana); you may have one or more sessions on each topic. The sessions may take up to 3 hours each. They include an initial story unfolding for the area of life, the breathwork itself, and after-conclusions.
Step #4.
In between sessions, you are given assignments to help you rewire your perspectives and emotions to the newly uncovered potentials. These help you shift the story you have imprinted on yourself.
Step #5.
Once you truly feel you have re-birthed yourself (you can identify a different quality of your inner dialogue, everyday life and / or reactions in previously challenging situations), you may opt for taking sessions on occasions, to support you navigate any new life situations that occur.


“Although I slept just a bit [after the event], I haven’t had such a quiet and profound sleep in a long time. I feel calm in the body and mind. It’s so good! I’ve missed this feeling… I’ve missed myself and I am happy I have found myself in breathwork. I haven’t thought about my intention, it will probably settle later on. I will keep an eye on this. I am really glad I attended last night. Thank you!”

Diana L.

“I felt a bit nauseous last night, but I think it was from the [ride back home]. Otherwise, I slept well. I cried a bit more last night. It was pretty intense, physically. I don’t know how much it had to do with my intention, but predominantly what came to me was a sensation of sadness for one of my dogs. It died about three months ago. Somehow I felt I didn’t process enough the loss. So, overall, it was a beneficial experience, intense, but somehow exhausting. I think it’s pretty hard to do often. Thank you and hugs!”

Alina C.

“I couldn’t really sleep. The breathwork brought to the surface very strongly the suffering of abandonment. This was the topic I worked with during the event. I discovered that I had somatised a lot of unprocessed emotions in my chest area. Last night I cried and cried a lot on my yoga mat, listening to music from Mount Athos. I’m glad that what was somatised is coming out now. I’m gentle with myself and I love myself.

Thank you!”

Laura P.

“I had so many feelings that a few words here will not do it justice. At home, when I got back and lay in bed about to sleep, I felt all my pores extra mega mellow (as if after smoking, if you know what I mean). And I even felt a pleasurable sensual craving for sex, (where I have some issues, sadly). Epic!”

Aretta O.


#1. In-person event (at every Full Moon, in Bucharest, Romania)

Dates for 2023: January 7th, February 5th, March 7th, April 6th, May 5th (*Lunar Eclipse), June 4th, July 3rd, August 1st, August 31st, September 29th, October 28th (*Lunar Eclipse), November 27th, December 27th
Duration: 3 hours

#2. In-person 1-to-1 sessions

Dates set in advance.
Duration: 3 hours
Done only Monday through Friday between 17:00 and 20:00 local time.

#3. On-line 1-to-1 sessions

*This is done only after we have had an initial assessment session, in which I got informed on your situation and in which we did a shorter version of breathwork through. If we saw we can manage a full breathwork session at a distance, we proceed.
Duration: 1,5 hours for the initial assessment session
3 hours for the full Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
*The fee will differ between the two, as their duration is different.

#4. Online through the Patreon community (monthly subscription)

This is an extreme economy version, intended for those struggling with income appropriate for individual coaching. The method is not truly the Rebirthing Breathwork™ method. However, you may have access to various breathwork practices, as well as other somatic practices that support you to ground, balance, and regulate your states. All audios vary from a few minutes to half an hour long. If you struggle financially, this is the most sustainable way to move forward through your current situation.


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Mental clarity and focus
Increased capacity to be present and quality of presence
Psycho-emotional balancing (regulating autonomous aroused states)
Optimal physical condition (in conditions of stress)
Betterment of mild to moderate physical pain
Increased intensity of physical sensations
Healing and recuperation after illness, surgery or accidents
Transforming traumatic memories (when done for longer periods of time, with in-person sessions)


Liana is a Personal Growth Counselor (2017), Certified Sexological Bodyworker™ (2018) and a Rebirthing Breathwork™ practitioner (2022). Her main goal is to support seekers to embody themselves better through the use of somatic tools. She uses the somatic tools both in coaching (working on objectives, desires or goals, as well as mitigate daily stress or tension) and in therapy (Rebirthing Breathwork is a therapeutical modality that gradually helps seekers process old wounds or heal complex coping mechanisms).



Breath is the single organic tool that bridges the conscious and the subconscious mind and processes. It not only is part of life, but it can be used in different ways to support you to heal, grow, evolve, have a sense of purpose or fulfillment, as well as become a better individual for those around you. The Rebirthing Breathwork™ method, used in long periods of time and at its full capacity, can support you to become a new and expanded being. It supports you to significantly improve the quality of your life. This is the biggest gift you will ever offer yourself and those close to you.
Breathe into being!


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I look forward to guiding you in this transformative journey!