Hello, Seeker!

Welcome to my website! I’m Liana, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker™, a Certified Personal Development Counselor, a Somatic Experiencing® Therapist in training, and an environmental social movements founder.

For over 16 years I’ve worked in environmental protection, I’ve build two environmental social movements in my country, mobilised millions of people and dozens of communities to get engaged for the good, I’ve written a book about my past civic endeavors, and, after going through emotional pain and sexual abuse, I’ve dedicated my time and energy to opening the path to sexual growth for women.

My approach is that intimacy is our source of peace, equilibrium, self-esteem and physical, emotional & mental health.

As such, I’ve build various events & retreats for women, I’ve given various speeches on TED Talks and other public events, I am a main presence in a Romanian radio show about relationships, I’ve built 4 best selling classes on Udemy (mainstream e-learning platform with over 30 million students) about sexuality.

Now I am building the online sexDOJO for women. This is a recurring program for women, taught in a basic and simple manner, for exploring and expressing sexuality through bodywork practices. We use movement, stretching, breath, sound & voice, touch, conscious presence and several accessories such as the Yoni Egg, small weights or Lacrosse balls for massage.

As women, we blossom and bring a better contribution around us when we prioritise our sexual wellbeing too. In the sexDOJO, in a safe and feminine space, we become the empowered and flowing version of ourselves.

Meet you inside!
Liana Buzea

We're never too old to grow in sex.
When we grow in sex, we grow in all areas of life!

Follow a weekly
practice schedule.
Breakthrough shame,
boredom or frustration.
Bring an air of exploration,
fun and confidence to your
sexual expression.
Learn about your body’s
wiring, expression and
grow in your unique way.
Get full access to
dozens of practices.
Practice at home or
while travelling.

Sexuality. Embodied.

Get sexually empowered for life!

In just 30 minutes weekly.