I’ve often shared about aphrodisiac foods being essentially healthy foods.

Reproduction needs a lot of the vital energy & body’s resources from any organism.

As such, before turning us on, aphrodisiacs perform another fundamental aspect: they strengthen and energize our bodies.

If you ever checklists of aphrodisiacs, you will see most foods are mostly healthy foods.

No heavy drinks, no deep-fried meats, or any processed foods.
You’ll mostly see raw nuts & seeds, fresh fruits, some exotic roots and veggies, lean meats, and a few assortments of wine. Some aphrodisiac lists contain several algae that most vegans use as supplements.

#1. Let food be thy turn-on

Like Hippocrates said millennia ago, let food be thy medicine, I say: let food be thy turn-on. As such, choose carefully what foods you eat and when.

Remember that a full and heavy stomach isn’t arousing and isn’t allowing you to enjoy sex.

Indulging in heavy foods isn’t exactly what I’d recommend before neither a workout nor a sex encounter.

I often associate fitness with sex. In my opinion, the two have many similarities. No, they’re not identical, but they are similar in many ways.

One fundamental thing: don’t stuff your stomach with tons of heavy foods. They might be delicious and exotic, but a full stomach will only consume your energy for digestion. You’re going to feel drowsy, not aroused.

Any competition, any workout, any type of physical activity requires only light snacks before. Or at least a two-hour break since the last meal. I encourage you to use this rule in sex also.

#2. Take aphrodisiac foods that match your metabolic bio-individuality

Okay, this might sound alien for most of us. I’m going to say it anyway: what works for me might not work for you. And vice versa. Our bodies react differently to food and other substances we ingest in our daily routine.

You must learn what foods work for you and how.
I take inspiration from lists of aphrodisiacs, but I make sure my food foundation is based on my body’s needs. For that, I do blood tests every year and speak to my doctor. Then, I also watch my reactions to those foods.

It’s something I’ve learned in the past 6 years, after having a very irritating colon. Translation: I had a lot of bloating and gas. That was not pretty, nor arousing. I had to fix it. As such, I went through many blood tests, discussions with doctors, and a drastic change in my diet – I reduced animal protein to the maximum.

Though I am not super strong, I feel so much better, and my stomach so much lighter than it used to be.

But my diet might not be suitable for everyone out there.

#3. The foundational principle of aphrodisiacs

Strictly in terms of sex, aphrodisiacs fulfill several precise functions. They help regulate sex hormones in both men and women—different foods & herbs for men and women. They improve blood circulation, which helps erectile dysfunction in men and lack of vaginal sensitivity in women. Aphrodisiacs also balance our minerals, which boosts the libido (again, different foods for men and women).

To work, however, aphrodisiac foods need time. It’s never overnight. That’s not how plants work. You need several months of changing your diet to see results.

That is why aphrodisiac foods are essential to our diet. And they can be consumed in the long run. They are healthy foods primarily, so they really are to be ingested regularly.

#4. Keep it in context

Aphrodisiacs alone can’t solve our sexuality. Our lifestyle, psycho-emotional health, and choices in life will affect everything, including our sexuality.

So, if you take care of your food, but not the rest aspects, you might be disappointed to still see yourself having a low libido or not so great experiences in intimacy.

Food isn’t a synthetic substance that pushes your body to extremes—which is what the famous blue sex pill does. Food only blends in with the rest of our life’s aspects. It only works when our sexuality has an integrative approach.

So, keep everything in context, including aphrodisiac foods.
Work on all aspects of your life if you want to see satisfying or even fulfilling results.



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