If you’re interested in 1on 1 coaching, the first step is a 1-hour call with an independent cost of 80 EUR.

In this phone session, we will assess what the best line of action is for your present situation. We will also assess whether my coaching process responds to your specific search and whether we match in work style
 (perspectives on sexual development, compatibility in communication style, the ability to take this commitment).

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    This is a 6-week intense coaching package, based on a signed confidential contract, at a discounted rate of 800 EUR (if the payment is done in full).

    YES! I have the resources available to invest in my growth!Yes, I have the ability to raise the resources to allow me to invest in my growth.No, I have absolutely no way of making these resources available to me to do anything different from what I am currently doing. As a result, I accept nothing will actually change for me.

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