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In 2018 I was invited to give a speech at a TEdxEroilor Women. It was an all women’s panel, and I was the last on the ”menu.”
My talk addresses all genders, so I invite you to enjoy it no matter what gender you are (or you identify with).

The three main points I approached were:
#1. The intention
#2. The erotic personality
#3. The embodied values

And I end with a brief mention of the Sexuality Survey.



If you want to work with me, here are a few options to consider:

An evaluation session (via ZOOM), the 1-to-1 coaching package, English online classes in the sexDOJO™ for women (five complex programs, with concepts explained, practices facilitated, Q&As) Romanian introductory online classes (only for Romanian speakers). You can also join my newsletter, where I announce firsthand all my news and launches.

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