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The survey explored the level at which sexuality is important in one’s individual life as well as the relationship. The survey also looked at the interest put in for developing in this aspect of one’s life as well as any concrete efforts run in this sense.

Alternatively, the survey explored the reasons for which no actions were taken in this part of one’s personal life.

410 people responded to this survey in its Romanian version and 36 from abroad (using the English form).

By the author’s choice, the current processing of results was done only on the Romanian form.

20 questions were selected for graphic illustration to facilitate the distribution of results in various social media platforms. They can be seen bellow.

Also, in the .pdf document the entire study can be read.

In the following documents you can go over the detailed information of this survey:

Download the study as a PDF

I thank everyone who made this study possible!
I thank the 410 respondents for their contribution!

If you want to work with me, here are a few options to consider:

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