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They say that you’re really living when you do something scary. So, I invite you to a challenge!

In terms of what I’m building here, one scary thing would be a stunt. They did those in publicity, for brands with a ton of money and big advertising agencies with a lot of creative people on board.

I know, because before I got into sexuality coaching, I not only did environmental activism but I was also a copywriter in a few agencies. Yep, I did that too! I was the juniors of juniors, as one of my bosses called me.

One reason I was struggling in that work was that I lacked the muscle or skill to come up with a ton of really good ideas for different brands, with tight deadlines. So I used my slow creativity muscle only for projects I believed in.

However, in the sexuality coaching line of work, things have been stalling. We’re growing kinda slow. And slow growth for the channels means slow growth for all of us. So, let’s amp the vibes, shall we?!

These days, I’m brainstorming for crazy ideas connected to intimacy and sex.
So, I invite you to reach out to me via my mail (contact @  lianabuzea . com) and share with me something striking related to intimacy and sexuality!

It’s all good if you’ve:
…read it somewhere…
…seen it in movies or documentaries…
…heard it from lovers or friends…
…done it yourself…
…imagined but never did it…

If it has a source, make sure to mention it! It’s important to give credit to authors of ideas—especially when you know the source. That is one of the many things I learned from advertising.

Don’t worry that the idea might seem silly, naive, cliche—write it! The first rule of brainstorming is that all ideas are seen and considered. Even the most trivial thing can spark inspiration in someone else.

So, write to me now and share something striking related to intimacy and sexuality!
If you have or think of more ideas, write multiple times! 💯

I’m super excited to grow a bigger community!


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