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I have received a request to be a motivational coach for a woman holding Lent.
I will share a bit about her story, in hopes it will inspire you.

The Orthodox Easter Lent begins on Monday, February 27, 2023. It lasts 40 days.
Before I get into her story, have you thought of doing something during this time?

Maybe the spiritual component (prayer, meditation, other energetic practices – for those who work on this level),
Maybe a personal growth component (you set a goal for yourself, read, learn something new),
Maybe you just take the food component? (but the essence of Lent is mainly soul work, otherwise it’s a meaningless)

Vital Mention for the fasting component:

As I clearly said to the woman I’m work with, go for blood tests first!
You tell your doctor that you want to hold Lent and ask him to tell you what tests are needed to find out if you can go for this.
You need to take this step. Otherwise, you risk screwing up your body with a good intention.
As I once heard a priest say: not all people can fast. Especially dry fasting, as a part of this lent is also with dry fasting.
If you have anemia, do not toy with fasting without medical guidance.

The story of the woman I’m working with

She is holding full Lent. So working on all levels. We’ve spent a good four hours discussing a lot of details.
We went into her sleep routine, her morning and evening routine, the amoung of working hours, diet suggestions + supplements, how much time is allocated to each goal she has.

She is an organized woman, we have known each other for many years (we worked together in 2010 when we were activating an environmental activism project – “Let’s Do It, Romania!” country cleanup in one day – so the connection and mutual trust is on another level).

Besides working with me, she also goes to:
– her doctor for blood tests
– a priest with whom she set up her spiritual routine for the full 40 days
– possibly a sleep quality specialist

Have you thought about doing something during the Easter Lent period?

It’s the longest period of inner searching in the Christian faith.
And it really helps when many people do the same thing simultaneously.
A synchronicity (or energy field as some people call it) is created and you are supported by the collective work, even if you can’t see that group.
During this period, many people work with themselves, each as they know and as they can.

How I can support you through somatic practices

In case you feel like doing something smaller, so not quite at the level my current coachee is working on now, I have my online community of somatic practices (audio).
Somatic practices are exercises based on movement, sounds, words, touch, breathing and awareness of body sensations and psycho-emotional states.

They are not dance, sport, martial arts or any art form.
It doesn’t matter what they look like from the outside.
They are therapeutic resources just for yourself.

Their purpose is to help you turn challenging emotions or inner states into good ones.

In terms of duration, somatic practices are between two to three minutes and half an hour or even more. Long practices are useful when you are working with major challenges or have something more difficult to transform.

The basic membership in my community is $6+tax /month. It is sustainable.
All you have to do is come back again and again to the platform and search through the 90 audio practices already recorded.

So, have you considered doing something during this year’s Lent?
I hope this story inspires you to consider this. Lent has already begun.


Work with me through:
The 1-to-1 coaching package, English online classes in the sexDOJO™ for women (five complex programs, with concepts explained, practices facilitated, Q&As) Romanian introductory online classes (only for Romanian speakers). You can also join my newsletter, where I announce firsthand all my news and launches.

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