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Here’s why I began using this tool.
Here’s what in God’s name made me do it.

The jade egg practice is a tool that helps the “body” become aware, at its own pace, of where the blockages or obstacles are, where it goes slower, where it doesn’t feel and why it doesn’t feel, and how it can move forward or hold more intensity.

If you understand that the practice involves using an intimate accessory, the jade egg, take my word for it: it’s rare to have a man so willing in intimate moments to work exercises instead of fully enjoying those moments. And practice takes time. One practice is not enough to transform your current sensations. We are talking months, years in some cases.

The same applies to women. If their man wanted to work on a certain detail related to his performance in intimacy, I don’t know of any woman who would have the patience for months or years to exercise with her partner instead of enjoying those moments.


Most people don’t think about intimate relationships that way.
Most don’t even work with themselves while in a relationship, let alone with their partners.

Even if a man were to think about it like this, it would still not be guaranteed that he would be able to handle these things with his partner.

Why wouldn’t it be guaranteed?
Because many of us have insecurities, needs, preconceived ideas, expectations related to intimacy. The majority of us approach sexuality and intimacy with an enormous emotional baggage. It’s really not granted that we can make an effort with our partner if we barely make it with ourselves.

Plus some people really don’t want to do that kind of work in a relationship. They want to enjoy themselves and that’s it. Not all people want relationships to do work on themselves. It’s really a delicate matter of perspective here. That’s why this work is ideally done on your own, without depending on someone else.


“But what’s the point of working on my sexuality if I haven’t gotten a partner?!”

Furthermore, I hear many women say: “But what’s the point of working on my sexuality if I haven’t gotten a partner?!” Well, here I choose to remain silent. At the moment I choose to work only with women who ask themselves: “Alright, what can I do, how, when, where?” That’s the action mindset. This is what I choose to work with.

But if I were not silent, I would say this to those still in the mentality of finding obstacles, excuses or justifications not to work with their sexuality:

“But would you really want and be able to hold space for a man who hasn’t done his own work? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see what it’s like when someone was waiting for you to do the work they knew it was necessary to do long before you came.”

I, for one, got out of the mentality that a man is coming to transform me. I had it once, I saw it was not the case for me and my life. I started working on myself. For a long time now, I’ve stopped waiting to work on myself until my partner shows up. That’s why I practice, including with the jade egg.

Furthermore, many women say they want to do the practice, announce themselves, then back off. They justify with being too busy. In the four years since I began facilitating the jade egg practice, I have seen this approach often. Rarities were and still are those women who stick to what they say they want to do.

And the rarity of the rarities was a woman, married, mother also, who attended three initiation series. Not one, but three!
And her husband gifted her several jade eggs. In case she lost one, she should have spares and not miss practice.
The rarity of the rarities. 💯

Some things you can’t do with your partner.
You are not a coach, counselor or therapist. Neither is your partner.

Some things depend on one’s own growth journey.
The benefits of working on yourself are also for your partner.

My dear, I invite you to get initiated into the jade egg practice!

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