Welcome to my 3rd yearly report!
It covers my activity & impact between May 1st 2018 – June 30th 2019.

This has been a challenging year of activity. Both as a practitioner and a new path opener. This work year was filled with strife, crisis, struggle & opening-up of new perspectives.

Although you will see numbers that portray growth, this 3rd year was more about breaking down and overcoming challenges in the way I do my work.

Bellow is the journey in numbers!

My vision:

To contribute to building a society that is open and considerate for the topic of sexuality.

My mission:

Help people better understand & grow in their sexuality.

My objectives:

Stabilize my online community
Find the precise events & programs that people will join-in
Continue to provide free resources on sexuality
Raise public awareness around the notion of sexual growth (through my social media channels)


Kindness & Understanding
Ethics & Integrity




10.128 unique visitors on website

1405 individual students on Udemy

Social Media

133 videos (+38,5% growth)
1.799 subscribers (+350% growth)
181.207 views (+234% growth)

1.876 followers (+63,9% growth)



Sensual Community:
295 members (after GDPR)

Most viewed videos until June 2019:

What Men Want in Sex

What is a Sexological Bodyworker

I AM | Erotic Affirmations

Sexual Performance Anxiety in
Women (11,1K)

Top posts on Instagram:

Announcement to Women’s Retreats

On the many names of „Vagina”

Top posts on Facebook:

A story about a man from the community:

Feeling „meh” in sex:

Abundance in sexuality

Orgasmic States

An article about sexuality sessions


(May 2018 – June 2019)

10.128 unique visitors
12K sessions
26,6K pages views
1.27 sessions / user
2.06 pages / session
2:10 min / session
43.82% bounce rate

Impact through the words of collaborators & clients

I have invited collaborators and clients to share about their experiences with me.
Bellow are the words of those who accepted this invite.

„Thank you for the beautiful story you wrote about our work. I like it very much and I am very OK with it. Moreover, it was useful for me to read your perspective about how our work was felt, as well as to refresh the main things we had worked on.”


Read his story here.

“I met Liana when she was organizing APHRODITE Retreat with Alexandra Bădiță. I found her session to be very helpful & enjoyable. Loved the way she conducted it and the way she held the space for the group. I think she’s doing an amazing job especially in this context and I can only hope that more people go for it.”

ANDREEA SIPOȘCertified Yoga Teacher

I have met Liana in a moment in which her business wasn’t thriving as much as she wanted. Having already the courses built in English I suggested to upload them on Udemy, the biggest mainstream e-learning platform. The fantastic part is that it worked and now she can reach an international audience. Outside of the topic that she teaches, I saw in Liana great passion, enthusiasm & drive to make it work in the business field she chose. I really like her energy and I’m sure her work will impact thousands of people.

PAUL ARDELEANUEntrepreneur, Author, Marketing Specialist

”APHRODITE Retreat was the first women only event I have attended in years and I found it very interesting. The women’s energy was incredible and all topics were detailed in a very professional manner. I think Romania needs more of these endeavors in order to support women in balancing themselves and understanding and helping one another. And from there on, have them contributing to a better society. Well done, Liana & Alexandra! It has been pure joy to be there with you.”

ADRIANA ISTRATEFinancial Consultant & Abundance Enthusiast

“I collaborated with Liana on the first edition of APHRODITE Retreat, a new event concept in Romania, where we brought together 8 experts in 8 different fields in one day, all dedicated to the topic of femininity. Liana is proactive & resourceful and we developed a good communication through our partnership & friendship. I admire her courage to explore a field in personal development that many still find taboo.”

ALEXANDRA BĂDIȚĂAuthor & Self Esteem Coach

„Do I attend a sexuality events? I never thought this was going to happen for me. Yet, I had the opportunity and, to my surprise, I really liked it. Obviously this is also a taboo for me. Liana knew exactly how to act in the moment not to “intimidate” us or to make us feel ashamed. After all, it’s not just about sex and how to have an intimate „wow!” relationship. There’s something more important than that. It’s about accepting ourselves as men & women, to feel a positive energy, relaxation, reconciliation with our bodies & minds, our senses our love for ourselves. That’s what I felt. Thank you, Liana, for having done so much!
Big hug!”

ALEXANDRA PASCAL - MIHAIUProfessional Make-up Artist

Support team:

Ceriza Petrescu
Giorgiana Mădălina
Ionuț Iordăchescu
Arthur Deane

Camelia Panaitache
Iulian Bucur
Elena Tunaru