Begin a practice routine for your intimate life! As a woman on your quest to become vibrant, this practice is a must!

Follow along with me and learn more about what your body can do, how it can open up more and become a more resourceful partner. This journey is a clean and pure personal growth endeavor. Designed and built from one woman to another.



As women, we focus the least on our sexual embodiment.
We talk a lot about relationships and men,
We buy a lot of clothes, care products or jewelry,
And we certainly invest in our image!

But when it comes down to it, how we carry ourselves in those moments is a totally different game!

So, the way we hold our ground and do not get intimidated, anxious, or worried is our primary focus in this class.

In this class you begin your body connection and presence.


“Women who got self-empowered in sexuality, know that their gifts reside in both their bodies and consciousness. Women’s practices bridge these two excllently.”

Week #1
Introduction to the practice, the tools / accessories, and foundational practices. One of the cornerstone weeks!
Week #2
Follow-along videos with practices such as setting the intention, preparing the tools and working with them, guidelines on sensation, closing the practice
Week #3
Contains basic practices, for short (5′) to medium (20′) duration of time covering all types of exercises that can be done. This week also contains the Inner Contemplation and the Microcosmic Orbit (other practices from the Taoist Tradition).
Week #4-9
Starting from this week, women begin following-along with lengthier practices (half an hour), which contain complete pelvic workouts. Here women also have a first Q&A video, based on the questions received during live practices (this class was initially as a live practice).
Week #10
This week explains and shows follow-along practices to help release tension in the muscles and joints surrounding the pelvic floor. When we mobilize our tissues, we release our issues. We’ll be using stretching routines and accessories for massage around the hip flexors, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and even the lower back.
Week #11
In this week women get initiated into vaginal „weightlifting”. The vagina is a muscle and it can improve its ”tone” with this practice. This particular weightlifting is taught in a safe manner, using weights up to 500 gr / 17 oz. This isn’t the Olympics, it’s only a muscle tone for preventing urinary incontinence, cervical prolapse, or simply the loss of muscle tone.
Week #12
In this week we will look into all the aspects related to anal health and sexuality. We will do emotional release practices (as many people associate negative emotions with this part of their bodies), we will look at proper preparation and penetration.

This course contains 47 videos (ranging from 5 to 40 minutes in length; each video contains an executive summary). There are also occasional downloadable PDF files, that contain either resources, or further explanations.

Note:This course is designed to give women a complex experience of their growth in their sexual capacity and expression.

SIGNS of a sexually disempowered woman:

She feels threatened by the presence of other women.
In intimacy she feels (and often acts) weak, intimidated, scared, anxious.
She cannot distinguish between incompatibility and lack of skill. Meaning, at the first sign of trouble, she feels responsible or at fault, without discerning further.
She wants to juice or spice up her intimacy, but doesn't know how.
In certain attractions, she is very intimidated by her person of interest, she feels not good enough (even if she hasn't had any actual contact with the person-!).
She gets tense, stressed or agitated around discussions around sexuality. She can't hold any boundaries (meaning select) with whom she is best to engage in conversations with.
She feels that her partner (male, or identifying with masculine attitudes) should take the initiative, should know or do most of the work in these moments.

THE ADVANTAGES for women that have stepped into their sexual power:

They feel confident and at ease about their sexual presence.
They are relaxed they can tackle a challenge, even if not on the spot, in a constructive way.
They have some sense of what they can do to expand their .
They learn to feel or identify from subtler signs with whom they might be compatible with, and with whom not. even if not from the first meeting, eventually they clearly see compatibilities or incompatibilities.
In case you were mismatched from the get-go, and your incompatibilities are ireconcilable, it no longer feels like it’s your fault or that you are the weak link in your relationship.



Most people seek penetrative sex with their partners. Also, they wish and dream of getting it when and how they want it.

The thing is, in real life, that doesn’t happen quite so. You know you can’t offer your partner what they want every time they want it. And you know they can’t always do that for you either.

Sexual practices train you to keep a confident attitude, remain grounded, and be resourceful. They’re important!

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MESSAGE FROM LIANA, your instructor:

Dear woman,

Your sexuality can be grounded, raw, and delicate at the same time. You don’t have to be over-the-top in expression or impression, in order to be embody your sexual power.

If you are into women’s groups, and the feminine approach, than always remember that the way of the body is the feminine way.

This class is your invitation to connect to your body, sexually sexually speaking, in aroused and non-aroused ways.

Take your body and your sexual expression through a concrete and physical immersion. In this jourey, you will connect to and stay present with your body, use accessories, develop new physical skills simply a deepened awareness around your erogenous zones.

The reassurance and self-esteem that growth in intimacy give you are incomparable!

Gift yourself this beautiful and resourceful journey!
Both for yourself and for the quality of your life overall!


Certified Sexological Bodyworker (Berlin, 2018)
Personal Development Counselor (Bucharest 2017)