I started this journey with a personal search.

I did not have a partner, but I wanted to develop in intimacy. And to me this thing did not mean promiscuity.

From one book to another, one documentary to another, one vlog to another I ended-up taking human sexuality trainings. All abroad. Since then I have not stopped learning, searching for knowledge, techniques or information which I could also test without being promiscuous. It seems paradoxical, yet society does not have healthy landmarks for sexuality.

My intention is to bring these things around me, to those who want to learn more about this part of their lives or which can help them overcome certain obstacles.



Help both men and women develop in their sexuality and erotic aspects of their lives.


  1. Build an online community for people interested in their sexual development
  2. Build events and programs to address actual needs for growth
  3. Provide free resources on what sexual education really
  4. Raise the public awareness around the notion of sexual development (through coaching)








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  • 4 participants at the Erotic Temples for Women (April 2017)

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I found out about Liana Buzea through her environmental social work. Later on I was going to find out that she had a specialisation very little known in Romania: sexological bodyworker.

I knew at the time that there was the concept of erotic intelligence and that this can be explored and cultivated in the setting of various courses, but I was skeptikal, especially because in our region things can derail easily into sordid aspects when it comes to sexuality.

Liana has nothing from the look of a femme fatale to give advice in matters of sex, on the contrary she is a trained woman, cultivated, with an elevated language, as she turned out to be through her writing. I invited her to join the online community of AVANTAJE brand, to present a series of articles regarding the erotic and sexual development. Her articles are an excellent opportunity for introspection, no matter if you are single or in a relationship. And her articles break down many myths regarding sexuality, as we have been taught to approach it or accustomed to treat it. Usually, we go to extremes - too prudish or too trivial. And as the royal way is the middle one, I believe Liana is situated in this fair range of approaching this subject much otherwise too delicate, too taby, too mystified or too exagerated.

Daniela Palade Teodorescu


For me The Erotic Temple came in a period of exploring my own femininity. It was a testing of my limits, to see whether I could talk about intimate things with strangers. The discussion was held in an intimate setting, safe, no rigors or social preconceptions. It was a limit I overpassed without effort, it came naturally, and that gave me confidence in myself and in my feminine power. And Liana is a warm person, close, sensitive, delicate, a beautiful person I wish to keep as a friend.


I came across new and useful information. For my first time I practiced a little meditation while attending a temple.


The Temple experience was pleasant and useful. I recommend it to anyonw seeking new experiences and at the same time discover and learn more about themselves and their partners.


I knew Liana for a long time, from a different context, and I was glad to rediscover her from this perspective. I believe in Romania we do not talk enough or open enough about all things sexual. It is still a taboo. Fortunately, things are begining to shift. I attended the Male Genital Massage Temple, I could not make it with the group, so Liana met up with me in person. The experience of the Temple was very confortable, I felt at ease, I asked questions and received answers, I disovered many things I did not know or things which I only sensed. It was as I put the pieces of a puzzle together and they matched perfectly in a general image which made sense and was coherent. I applied what I learned pretty fast, with my husband, and it was a magnificent experience. It was not a sexual experience, it was something more profound than that: it was a perfect sexual and spiritual symbiosis.

I recomment to anyone the Temples and the meetings Liana does. It is a much more intimate and human experience than to read these things online.


For me the meeting with Liana was an open gate to a world I was sensing, but about which I hadn't the courage to get informed.First of all I found out there are these courses, very useful, and people like her, brave, without fear of labels.

What I liked: - Liana, as a person: she looks and presents things like a professional, without being vulgar or embarrassed, she is direct and speaks clearly (including how you felt and how it impacted her), that she has courage - I learned a ton of new things, terminology - I learned many new things about myself, where I stand and what my erotic profile is - I appreciated the list of books recommended and I did read some of them (more to come for me) - the setting in whish the meetings were held, she tried to find the best and most friendly version - She transmitted the information and made sure it reached us (including the e-mails after the temple which were more than welcomed) - I learned anatomy, where things were blurry I cleared them up - I found out about sexual habits which I had no idea of - I like and admire that she has principles (but she is not rigid) when it comes to relationships - I appreciated that she brought us together as a group; socializing and exchanging opinions is so important

Regarding how I felt: I felt normal and that was a turning point for me. Normal in the sense that it is absolutely ok to pick any intimate behavior which is good for me (off course, without hurting those around me). Liana, because she knows the mechanisms of our mind, she gave me peace of mind. Although we can be put in different categories, we are different and not always understood, I felt much better to talk to her about sex than with my friends (who are subjective). Sometimes it is not enough to talk to my fiancée and, until I met Liana, I did not have who to talk to (a few years back, a good friend of mine had told me I was obsessed and sex was all I could think about all day long, so I stopped talking to her about it; after a while I realized it was a stress for her because she had no intimate relationship as she so wanted and that frustrated her).

The Erotic Temple gave me courage to manifest: I found out where I am and especially what I like. There are many practical things which I have not yet tried and I would love to do them. I am glad I can ask her about them. I feel much more free (for instance I never vocalized anything, now I make sounds in my intimacy, I learned to ask what I need from my partner); I feel much more at ease with myself (I was an „ostrich-camel” as society asks you to bee the manly-woman and this role was really not fitting me as I am a woman all through my bones and now I assume that). I realize I have to manage all these and not get lost in them and get carried away.

I would love to continue our meetings; I for one have much to learn and to try. I set my self an objective: to learn more about sex without making this a life purpose - just to get constantly educated because it is an important part of my life which brings be happiness and joy


I look forward to meeting you inside!

When we open up sexually, we open up in all areas of our lives!