Here is my perspective the way to a woman’s heart.
On my path to develop sexually I have encountered many men (and quite a few women also) who focus primarily on the genital organs and the orgasms that come out of a woman’s yoni (a tantric way of calling the vagina).

Although this external manifestation part of our sexuality, if we focus on it primarily we risk to reduce ourselves (or at least women) to circus acts or just high quality erotic movies.
We are conscious living beings, full of emotions, and sexuality is linked to it completely. Women’s sexuality is hardwired with their emotions.

Take this perspective on sexuality from a woman in the flesh, in the hormones and in the psyche. And from a woman who is developing herself in sexuality, in an ethical and upright way.

The post I mentioned in the video is here.

And here is an older video I made, related to this topic as well.
Enjoy it and may it be of help on your path of sexual development.