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Love. Partnership. Commitment. These are a challenge nowadays.

You wish a relationship but haven’t been able to build something stable, settled, and with feelings?
Don’t know how to find the right person for you and your wish from a long-term relationship?
Wondering if there’s anything wrong with you? Though you can’t find anything so problematic…
You don’t seem to be a match with those you meet?
You start a relationship, but in a few weeks, the person breaks up? And the reason hasn’t much to do with you?

In my coaching practice I don’t directly address dating or finding partners. However, I often hear about how relationships are formed. Or about how people can’t identify with what is being “promoted” currently in the collective. I also hear how there seem to be no available matching single people.
You are not alone in this struggle! I assure you!

I invite you to a discussion in which we look groundedly at the following aspects:

The main expectations/beliefs that appear in the current dating scenery (women and men)
– The relationship between what is stated, what is sought, and what is happening currently in dating
 How do current trends affect the formation of long-term intimate relationships? Or even life partnerships. (dating apps, hypergamy, lifestyle)
– What approach could you have in a few possible scenarios; we will do analytical exercises of situations but not give advice or ”success recipes”)
– Identifying possible obstacles that are either in the way of your decision making or applying (if you knew for some time what needed done, but did not take action)
– Analysis of current criticisms of both men and women (realism, expectations from relationships and partners, challenges of a monogamous relationship and building a family, entertainment, and reporting on committed or assumed relationships)

The main goal is to get an overview of your place in today’s dating world. And any possible changes to your approach.

Easy to say, much harder to do.
But very possible! Including for you!

The discussion will NOT go into:

Tips, success recipes, what someone else would do in your place
Archetypes (male, female)
Sacred/divine masculine and feminine
Goddesses, zodiac signs, esoteric instruments
Spirituality, religion, ancient traditions

We focus on the here and now. Reality on Planet Earth, 2022.

English invite:

Invitație în Română:

Logistic details:

Place: Bucharest, Romania
Schedule: 10:00 – 15:00
(includes arrival and departure from space)
Cost: $74 / 350lei
Registration at: contact @ lianabuzea . com

Work with me through:
The 1-to-1 coaching package, English online classes in the sexDOJO™ for women (five complex programs, with concepts explained, practices facilitated, Q&As) Romanian introductory online classes (only for Romanian speakers). You can also join my newsletter, where I announce firsthand all my news and launches.

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