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I have dedicated a playlist for this topic on my YouTube channel. I have decided to invite our community to look at, ground, and begin to approach sexual power as a means to living our lives. Yes, power is beautiful and worth living, once we all understand it in a constructive way.

Before you jump to any conclusion

There’s still judgment around sexual power, I’ve seen this in my series. Sexual Power is associated with predatory behavior, or with the desire to control, dominate or use others according to our whims. This is also hand in hand with the negative judgment on seduction—luring others into our nets and using them for our amusement only. Thank God I’ve had many subscribers who have listened to the series so far and have tuned in to the perspective I put out there. Surely many of us can and want to see the constructive approach here, so enjoy!

My coaching perspective on Sexual Power 

Because I work in the personal growth field, I look at how we actually use the values and qualities developed during our sexual growth process, in intimacy as well as other areas of our lives.

Sexuality is an area of our lives filled with traps and downfalls. It’s shocking how many unproductive, disempowering, and shackling messages we carry around it. As such, once we begin doing conscious and intentional work, we stand to gain tremendous qualities and inner power with them.

To date, I have not heard of anything more powerful than this personal work. Why? Because it’s still not supported in the mainstream culture, media, or educational system. Yes, it is politically correct to say we should have it, but when it comes to actually having it, it’s a completely different ball game. And, sadly, still few people go on that journey.

Because of this reality, when you do sexual growth work (regardless of your age, or status in life) you really learn to walk proudly your own path and embody self-power. It’s not so comfortable now because society doesn’t yet know how to support others in this self-work. But it is possible nonetheless.

Stepping into your Sexual Power is beautiful and rewarding. It’s one of the best and most solid ways in which you slowly become magnetic, spontaneous, and an enlivening lover.  This kind of transformation takes time, but it’s there for you forever afterward. And you learn to use it in other areas of your life.

You learn to decide for yourself, to venture trying out things you wouldn’t have thought of (without this meaning something horrendous), you learn to hold space for yourself, for your sexuality to wax and wane, to navigate yourself back into sexual flow. You are no longer dependent on external pushes, you are no longer threatened by other women or men, you learn to admire others and get inspired by them and their lives or their successes.

Also, you no longer fall prey to the general fears when it comes to sexuality, or to mainstream behavior—pointing fingers at things you haven’t ever tried or you do not resonate with, following behavior patterns and fearing to own your authentic self, or (worse!) not knowing your authentic self in sexuality because you have never sat down with yourself and wondered what you were made of, what you could be like.

Here are a few qualities you might develop when you take this sexual growth journey: courage (or as I like to call it sometimes nuclear balls or lady-balls), grit (perseverance and passion), self-love (you cannot help but eventually falling in love with yourself for actually doing this ”crazy” work), resourcefulness (let’s just say you will feel abundant enough to no longer put your eyes down when you are in an interaction with someone who would otherwise melt you at first glance).

None of these qualities guarantees that everyone will be attracted to you or want you as their intimate partner—because there is more to attraction than one’s inner power. But absolutely every one of these guarantees you’ve got your own back in a multitude of situations. And they will make you a great relationship partner to the one with who you do enter a relationship with. This is especially valid when you begin adapting and using these qualities spontaneously and creatively in other areas of your life.

If you wish to get more insights into what Sexual Power is, in my approach to it, then take some time to listen to any of these:

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