Have you ever been to a retreat on sexuality?
Have you ever seen a space where you open up, have the support of others and learn about your sexual nature?

Well, here is my invitation to have this kind of experience.
No matter if you are in a committed relationship or not, this event is bound to help you nonetheless.

This is an event where you will have the space to learn that sexuality is so much more than sexual intercourse.
You will learn about boundaries, both communicating them and respecting others’ boundaries as well.
You will learn about difficult questions in intimacy and how to handle them so that your relationship goes in a constructive direction.
You will look at orgasms from a bigger perspective than the one you may have known so far.
You will learn about the magnetism of sexual energy that is properly cultivated.
And you will have the space to take the intimate touch to the rank of art and ritual.

Details and registration here: