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I have received a question about cleansing sexual energy. Someone felt their sexual energy had been negatively charged. This person was looking for recommendations on how to cleanse the sexual energy. The particulars are personal, no need to divulge them, but I’ll leave a general explanation here as well.

The reasons why I put out this perspective:

1. Many people who have some knowledge of sexual energy still misunderstand the cleansing aspect. Valid for both men and women. As such, people end up “cleaning” their sexual energy by having sex with other people. But that’s precisely how they were negatively charged in the first place.

2. Most people are not at the level to cleanse sexual energy by having sex with someone who calls themselves a “healer” or advanced. It does take a certain level to be able to succeed at this.

Firstly, what is sexual energy?

Energy, in general terms, is our ability to transform something. In concrete terms, it is about transforming the material (primary resources into intermediate or final products). In subtle terms, energy is the same: our ability to transform, but this time transform in the subtler realms, not necessarily material. Also, in my opinion, the most powerful energies known to mankind are those of love and of sex. Everyone has the power to change through those two energies. In this article I will keep the current topic: sexuality.

Sexual energy creates life. Something that, in my opinion, is not accidental. Nature did not make a single mistake when it gave mankind this way of generating new life. What is also important to know is this: because we are born from sexual energy, our vital energy (or vitality) is closely related to our sexual energy. This is one reason why our sexual energy deserves to be nurtured, kept in flow and in a harmonious and constructive balance for ourselves as well as for those with whom we interact.

What problems can be related to sexual energy?

The problems we might encounter with our sexual energy can be quite a few. Although we will focus in this article on the negative charge, as well as how to clean it, here is a brief explanation of the main issues we might encounter with our sexual energy:

1. Sexual energy can be blocked or rigid.
Most often this happens from an early age, through messages we receive about sexuality from the social circle we grow up in. These messages are destructive, unhealthy, or negative toward sexuality. Or we might have unhealthy sexuality examples in our family. Even if we don’t consciously understand what is happening, on a subtle level we can pick up our parents’ sexual blockages or of those who raise us. We internalize them and grow into adulthood with them inside ourselves. As such, we don’t allow our sexual expression to develop harmoniously. Most times this is done unconsciously.

Blockages can also arise from disharmonious interactions in our lives (young or adult), whether we are talking about interacting with someone casually (from aggression to an incompatible way of expressing ourselves sexually) or with our life partner (sometimes experiments can go wrong, especially when neither partner really understands the risks of whatever is being done – so there is not a clear enough communication or a thorough enough documentation).

2. The sexual energy can be low or exhausted.
This is what happens when people express themselves a lot, basically they force themselves to express or engage even when they don’t really want to. They use their sexual energy out of an obligation (subjective or not) toward someone else. Another way to unload is to have sex to distract yourself from various challenges or problems you are going through. Disappointments, loneliness, unrequited love, or any other psycho-emotional issues that the person does not want to address.

Sometimes people can end up sexually depleted because currently, the “conditioning” of adults on sexuality is oriented towards consumption. There is no mainstream education for adults about sexual energy, the importance of cultivating it, and how it can be done. So, people might not necessarily have major problems to run away from with sex, but they can simply be ignorant toward the fact they should preserve it, rather than consume it.

3. Sexual energy can be negatively charged.
Firstly, it is worth saying that the charge can be both negative and positive. Because sexual energy has been put under a lot of pressure and blame (mostly through religion) for millennia, most people are still subconsciously running negative programs (thoughts, associations, emotions like guilt or shame, etc.) related to sexuality. For this reason, it is most common for our sexual energies to be negatively charged. Especially if people have “free” sex but don’t ask themselves how and with whom they do it, what level of awareness their partner has about sexuality, where the sexual act takes place or with what intention each person comes into the intimate act. Also, sex initiated out of the desire to release tension is a very widespread way to negatively charge the other person—or both partners.

If we do not have a foundational understanding of the states of mind from which we engage in a sexual act, then we increase the risk to expose ourselves to negative charging.

Why is it necessary to cleanse sexual energy?

The low emotions we might enter sex with (disappointment, filling an emotional or soul void, running away from other problems) or intentions to release tension, nerves, anger, rage, hatred, jealousy, or any other low emotion can be transferred to all involved. Just as laughter is contagious, just as a person’s sadness can be picked up by others, so can sexual partners transfer low energy states or emotions among each other. Obviously, good moods can also be picked up during sex. That’s why, it would be ideal not to start sex without cleaning first. But how many people do that? Few towards zero.

The signs of a negative charge are that the person may feel out of place, exhausted, with low vitality, with all kinds of emotions that they cannot logically explain. One might no longer be able to enjoy sex or have orgasm, or their libido might be low. In some cases, someone might enter states of depression or serious emotional wounds after engaging sexually with a negatively charged partner. Sexual abuse (whether symbolic or actual) can also hurt a person very deeply.

These things can happen to anyone. They are not to be blamed, and the person who suffers from them is not to be ridiculed or judged. In these cases, when an individual becomes aware that something is wrong, or can even identify when and in what way they have become negatively charged, cleansing is necessary. And the help of others, or at least standing aside and keeping judgments to oneself, are again necessary.

How can you cleanse your sexual energy?

When you feel the need to cleanse your energy, I recommend purely energetic methods of cleansing. So not by having sex with someone else, but by going and getting clean (assisted) by methods like:

  • fire ceremony (I’m talking about a campfire made outdoors, in safe conditions, with someone initiated into fire ceremony)
  • standing in running water for a sufficient period of time (ideally, clean water, with a flow as strong as one can withstand)
  • rituals with restructured water (holy water, so at church, with the purest intentions by a “worthy” priest)
  • fumigation: ideally at a church, in sermon that of St. Basil is the strongest for cleansing, done by a “worthy” priest, so one who keeps the rigor of prayer and can conduct such a service properly); there can also be sauna ceremonies, done with an Indigenous or Native American Indian initiated into this powerful ritual)
  • classic grounding, so keeping skin in contact with the ground (in a forest / natural setting with vibrant ecosystem in place, at appropriate temperatures, in safe conditions, for a long enough time to ensure cleaning (repeated several days in a row, most likely)
  • energywork (cutting cords or energetic cleansing) done by a “worthy” facilitatorwho also keeps the rigors of a practice
  • breathwork done with an initiated facilitator who is energetically clean, therefore keeps a regular cleansing practice


Why I don’t recommend to most people to have sex as an energy cleanse

The sexual act is primarily a fusion of two people’s sexual energies. Through this union, the energetic union of the two is extend to both partners. This explains how negative charging can happen through sex, even without intention.

Meaning, if a person has negative emotions or thoughts in their structure, not yet worked on, the risk of transmitting them to the other person is high. Many people find these things hard to understand or believe, they seem like jokes or nonsense, but basically this is how we might feel bad after interacting sexually with certain people. Even if medically we may not have anything, the bad after emotions are there.

Since most people do not have a regular practice of energetic cleansing, so they do not keep a rigor of cleansing, the risk of transferring something negative to their partner is high. Without a solid foundation of both partners, in most cases we cannot talk about energetic cleansing by having sex. We simply have passing energy from one person to the other. With good and bad alike.

If both partners were to have such a rigor of practicing energetic cleanses, during sex if either of them became aware of something negative in their united field, the ability to clean in those moments is what will actually help them cleanse and enjoy beautiful sex. But for this to happen, in addition to a rigorous practice, communication between the two is necessary on all levels. And trust in their ability to clean in those moments, together, any negativity that has arisen. How many people have that awareness? Few to zero, again. Practice is the foundation here.

Can spontaneous cleanses occur?

Yes, sexual energy clearings or purging can occur spontaneously while two people are having sex. And this can happen without them being aware or informed of the process. But this is not the rule, it’s the exception. These things don’t happen with just about anyone or in every context. This is really worth saying.

Just because someone once managed to have such a sexual cleanse while having sex with their partner, with no knowledge prior, it does not mean they will automatically be able to do that every time they have sex. The best bet is to cleanse sexual energy through classic energy cleanses (listed above). And my recommendation is to keep the intimate act in harmony, purity of thoughts, emotions and intentions.

How many energetic cleansing methods are beneficial?

First of all, if you’ve never done this before, it’s worth saying that it’s important to educate yourself beforehand about a method you want to try. And if you can’t find enough info online, you can book a session with a professional to explain in detail what their method would entail. Just as you take a consultation with a doctor to learn more about a procedure, you can also book a consultation with an energetic cleansing facilitator to find out more details.

Then, when you choose a method, it’s important to give it time for integration. Not everything you work in a cleansing session integrates into all your structures immediately. You can talk about these things with the facilitator of your choice. But, as a rule of thumb, give it a few weeks before switching to another method. An experienced energy worker will know to ask if you are also working with something else when you address them.

As a reference, I do not recommend the “cocktail” of methods. So one session of each, and after a while say that you’re clean. When you find a method and/or facilitator you resonate with, give it a few sessions. Give that method time to have a profound effect on you.

Often, your *being* will cleanse gradually. And, in nature, sometimes it takes several days of rain to clean a place or to reset the favorable conditions of an ecosystem. The same goes for you: a more harmonious and beneficial approach is to cleanse gradually, without an explosion all at once. Often strong discharges can negatively charge the nervous system and cause other problems over time.

If what you’ve read here has been helpful, I’ve also filmed a series of videos for YouTube on the subject of sexual energy. If you are at all comfortable with English, you could follow them here.

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