I’ve built many materials through the years. I sat down and took some of the most important ones for anyone wanting to get initiated in sexual growth but does not have any resources available to invest.

My encouragement to you: take time with each video to think about what you can apply concretely & palpably.
So don’t just listen to it, try to think, journal, or ideally implement a few things that you learn in the videos.

This is a huge resource for you at this time!
Use it in the best way possible!

Let’s begin!


1. About Intention

2. What does it mean to be sexually ”open?”

3. Communication in Intimacy



4. About Boundaries

5. When you’re not feeling it

6. Women & Self-Pleasuring

7. Lover’s Best Qualities

8. When your man has a small penis


9. Signs you’re physically ”ready”

10. When you are in physical pain

11. About erotic fantasies



12. Orgasmapedia


13. About Erotic Intuition

14. Do sexuality & money have anything in common?

15. Sexual ”maturity?”

16. Wrapping up


Enjoy these resources!

And remember that in the sexDOJO for women, I offer support and hold space. Women work on their pleasure, do practices, and take care of their sexual wiring. Together with me, women build and embody their vision for their sex lives.

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