Dear Woman,

To experience intimate relationships at your most vibrant level, you need to integrate your core needs. Sexuality is one of them!

I invite you to a seaside resort where, for three full days away from our daily lives, you will dive into your sexuality and bring out the best resources you have.

You will be surrounded by women with the same search. You will delight in knowledge sharing, bodywork practices, and inner contemplations. You will be part of fascinating conversations, as well as intense exercises. All for your sexual growth.


As benefits you get to:

  • identify the mental or the conscious intention vs. the embodied or subconscious one (related to sexuality & intimacy)
  • clarify physically and intellectually clarification the main ways in which your body understands and expresses pleasure
  • understand how to keep your sexual instinct in balance (including when you don’t have a sexual relationship or when you take times of abstinence)
  • workaround compatibility issues with a partner and identify your personal boundaries for your harmonious growth
  • achieve fluidity and familiarity when speaking to your partner about our physical sensations and your inner states
  • get a better grasp on your new awareness and understanding about your sexuality
  • learn what it means to use the newly acquired knowledge in a responsible, harmonious & ethical way

The immersion into this journey brings a vibrant, intense & youthful fragrance to your sexuality & femininity.


You will:

  • set a growth intention & check our progress each day of the retreat
  • enjoy Full Moon celebration (on June 5th we will enjoy the „Strawberry Moon” and the Penumbral Moon Eclipse)
  • understand your Erotic Blueprints (the main challenges, light & shadow aspects, how they can be „fed,” how they can each
  • be expanded through bodywork, creativity, communication & experimentation)
  • understand your sexual history, the expected trajectory and the ways to change it according to your desires
  • learn the signals of your embodied sexuality and how to center yourself on the long run
  • assess your learning during the 3 days

*** Note: the agenda will have a daily structure; all work will be done in a private space (within our accommodation).


PERIOD: June 4th – 7th, 2020
PLACE: Transylvania (Romania, SE Europe); details provided to participants only
PARTICIPANTS:  minimum 10
*includes: accommodation, 3 meals & 2 snacks / day, facilitation)
** transportation to and from the retreat is not included in the fee
Money transfer based on invoice.
Payment through Paypal.
Online payment with card.
– 25% paid in advance until April 3rd, 2020
– The rest until May 20th, 2020

DIET: vegan & vegetarian

Cancellations: The 25% advance will not be returned. The rest will be returned if cancellations are made before April 3rd 2020. After this date, there will be no returns.

The immersion into this journey brings a vibrant, intense & youthful fragrance to your sexuality & femininity.


Liana Buzea – Certified Sexological Bodyworker™

Author of the Sexual Development Survey, 3 times TEDx speaker and initiator of social movements, I have opened the path of sexuality coaching and have built a community of both online and offline people around this work.

From my own need to balance this aspect of my life, I have taken the somatic coaching method (which is connected to the body). This method works with learning intentions, much like the traditional coaching methods, but it does so through the wisdom of the body. My work is done through respecting each person’s boundaries, it requires informed consent and is subjected to an ethical code of conduit at all times.

The immersion into this journey brings a vibrant, intense & youthful fragrance to your sexuality & femininity.


1. What is expected of me?
This retreat requires that you keep a respectful attitude towards all women present. Please remember that, as a group event, all participants need, expect and receive equal attention and time to share or request support. If you feel your search is extremely pressing, perhaps a 1on1 coaching process may suit your needs better.
Let us hold space for one another is foundational. Let us build an atmosphere of sorority by using words of appreciation, support, working in pairs (we will each be a support lady for one another) and honor the personal process we will all go through.

2. What if I’m not comfortable with part of the content?
You are free to choose your own level of immersion into the practices. You are free to withdraw from any practice that does not suit you. This event is focused on creating a safe space among women to share and explore their own relationship with their sexuality and femininity. Your needs and boundaries will be cherished & respected; the group will hold space for you to ask your own questions, find your own answers and perhaps offer answers (only when requested specifically).

3. Are we going to get undressed? 

No. At no point will this be the case. You can have lounge wear, you can have clothes with long sleeves or anything else that feels comfortable for you. The bodywork practices will be done from an awareness perspective. We will focus on identifying boundaries, needs, emotions, expectations, challenges. This is a support circle of women with the intention to grow and become more aware, stronger and more connected to our body, to our femininity and sexuality.

4. How should I prepare?
Come as if you would attend a special moment for your self. Bring the clothes that make you feel the most comfortable, beautiful and attractive, do your manicure or your hair etc. Prepare in any way you feel to.
HOWEVER: please do not wear heavy perfumes during the sessions, bring personal towels, accessories for spoiling yourself (feathers, fan, yoni eggs, any other toys you may want to have with you, massage oil, a pot for hot water, a notebook and a pen – you will be invited to keep a journal during the retreat, thick clothes for the evening, sunscreen, any other personal items that you need – perhaps you are on a special diet or treatment).

5. What language will we speak?
If we will have multiple nationality participants, we will speak English. Otherwise, we will speak Romanian.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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