Many of us feel, at a certain point, performance anxiety. Yes, I am referring to anxiety about sex and our sexual intimacy.

Regardless of how experienced we are in sex and sexual intimacy, we reach a point where we feel anxious. Whether it is a circumstance in which we are, whether it is about a new partner, whether it is any element that creates the impression we are not good enough in intimacy… we feel anxious.

Here is my take on performance anxiety related to sex. It is obviously subjective, so do use your own judgement also. And i am now referring only to women.

As I have not lived in a man’s body and as no many has ever explained to me in detail about performance anxiety (yes, I know they have it too) or the way he went through it, I cannot present the masculine perspective unfortunately.


00:08 What is anxiety?
01:07 Anxiety as an aphrodisiac and as an anti-aphrodisiac
03:06 Context for anxiety #1: Perfectionist up-bringing
05:00 Context for anxiety #2: Envy among women
06:02 Context for anxiety #3: Intimate relationships
08:06 Worst way for anxiety to manifest in intimacy
09:07 Suggestions to women for addressing anxiety
10:08 Suggestion to men for supporting anxious women (do not „fix” her!)
13:00 Closing thoughts