Online Courses (on Udemy)

If you want to begin a journey sexual development, you have the option to browse through my informative and helpful material that I have filmed and published online.

Udemy is the largest e-learning platform with over 30 million students and 20 thousand instructors worldwide. It has a highly affordable policy for its “students”.
Both I and my “students” from over 12 countries worldwide have been delighted with this approach.

Udemy is a mainstream e-learning platform; as such erogenous physical exposure is not allowed. For any explicit expectations there are other online platforms with other courses or materials that you can look for.

In my courses, expect information, explanations and practical presentations using props and other non-explicit ways to teach this subject.
My courses are a way of teaching to wider audiences.

*** All my Udemy courses are spoken in English ***
Please also keep in mind that there are no erogenous zones exposed in any of my courses.

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If you access Udemy for the first time, you will be required to sign-up for a student account.
I wish you a beautiful learning experience!

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3 secrets to vibrant sexuality

Periodically I send resources on sexual development (videos, links, events, polls)