Making the video on „how we mess relationships & solutions” was not easy for me. I have learned these lessons the hard way.

Relationships are extremely fragile and even the ones of us who have spent years working on themselves can mess-up. Whether we do something, or our partner does it… the way we handle these situations is very delicate and requires a lot of sensitivity on our part.

Error is human. Yet, if we really want to give our relationships a chance, then here are my insights into what we may do wrong and here are my solutions as well.

If you ever find yourself in any of these situations, I hope this extensive perspective helps.
Please note this is a general presentation of the situations. For your particular case, you can contact me privately and book a session.


00:34 #1. Bringing-up one or more ex-partners
01:39 The giving side of #1
02:36 The receiving side of #1
04:57 #2. Doubting your compatibility as partners
07:15 The giving side of #2
07:45 The receiving side of #2
08:49 For both sides of #2
09:57 #3. Activities or habits that hurt or put pressure
11:43 The giving side of #3
12:52 The receiving side of #3
16:13 #4. Closing-up to emotions coming to the surface
17:37 The giving side of #4
20:02 The receiving side of #4

May this video help you save your relationship or even prevent it from going haywire in the first place.