Jade Egg Practice

The Jade Egg practice (also known as the yoni egg practice) is one of the oldest and most beautiful sexual practices for women.

This practice has its protocols, rooted in the Taoist tradition.
It has its pitfalls – in proper guidance isn’t provided.
And it has its own time of maturation (inclusion into a woman’s daily experience).

With the help of an egg-shape carved semiprecious stone (made from jade, quartz, obsidian, jasper, amethyst, etc.), this practice can bring beautiful benefits to women of all ages.

The initiation into the Jade Egg practice can bring women a more vibrant, intense & youthful approach to your own sexuality.


With the help of an egg-shape carved semiprecious stone (jade, quartz, obsidian, jasper, amethyst etc.) this practice is designed women of all ages to gain:

  • body awareness & connection
  • internal focus on body, sensations & emotional states
  • vaginal tone, agility & dexterity
  • increased capacity for pleasure (not only sexual)
  • increase in vitality & sexual libido
  • balance & grounding of intense psycho
  • emotional or physical states
  • the potential to better integrate any challenging memories from birth-giving, sexual abuse, genital medical interventions, etc.

If you are interested in this practice, for whatever reason (mentioned above or another one)
If you’ve already bought yoni egg but haven’t found the motivation to keep to the practice
If you started your yoni egg practice, but got stuck somewhere along the way
This live series with the jade egg practice is for you!

You are invited to a 2-month live Jade Egg initiation practice!

This initiation can give you a more vibrant, intense & youthful approach to your sexual expression.


Participants: minimum 4, maximum 12

Location: Mind Evolution Society, Bucharest, Romania

Dates: Tuesdays (as indicated below):

  • January: 21st, 28th
February: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
  • March: 3rd, 10th

Time: 19:00 – 21:30
Individual price*: 210 EUR (in one payment) or 120 EUR (in two payments)

* the price covers only the space of practice & tuition fees; the actual egg is to be chosen & bought separately by each participant, according to personal preference, body shape, etc.

REGISTRATION FORM: https://forms.gle/neF7DJpGB5YJoRxLA
QUERIES: contact@lianabuzea.com

The initiation into the Jade Egg practice can bring women a more vibrant, intense & youthful approach to your own sexuality.

ABOUT ME – Liana

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker™, with the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork™ (IISB) and I adhere to the Ethical Guidelines in the Application of Sexological Bodywork™.

The Sexological Bodywork™ method is a somatic coaching method (connected to the body) which has at its foundation a learning intention; by reaching this intention, one gets a better understanding of their own body and sexuality. Boundaries & Consent are consistently applied throughout sessions and events.

My experience with the “Jade Egg” dates back to 2014 when my preparation for this practice included an “interdiction” to use the egg. At the time, I was under the guidance of a Romanian woman teacher

trained in Asian arts – Carmen Alona Shuilian.
She invited me to focus on other methods based on the Taoist Tradition and wait for three years before actually doing the practice. Her intention was for me to prepare my body to receive the benefits of this practice fully. I waited two years, during which time I practiced both taichi and other methods aimed at activating my meridians. Separately, I needed one more year to grasp aspects such as: matching egg size with my body size, awareness & practice level, actual practices with the egg. Through my own practice, I have been present to the somatic opening in my body: expansion of sensations, muscle tone & dexterity, as well as awareness of natural fluctuations in my sexual energy.

Once I unlocked my own intuitive connection with my body, I began working on my own with the Jade Egg; I took my learning from two other sources (the ones mentioned in question #1), as well as from the “Pompoir” method – for developing physical skills). However, growing in my own pace, in my concrete routine, was and will be the highest way of using this powerful practice.

The initiation into the Jade Egg practice can bring women a more vibrant, intense & youthful approach to your own sexuality.


1. Could you please give me more details than those presented here?

You can do more research online. There is plenty of information out there, in both text & video format, regarding this old Taoist traditional practice.

If you have the time, here are 2 books recommendations: “The Emergence of the Sensual Woman” by Saida Desilets and “How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing” by Grace Diaz

Yet, do remember that any intellectual knowledge does not compare to the actual, physical practice that you get to integrate for yourself. This needs to be acknowledged here.

2. Are there any restrictions?

This event is not recommended to anyone under the legal age (in Romania, that is 18).

The practice is not recommended for those who have not had penetrative sex, recently given birth, recently had medical interventions in their vaginas at least 8 weeks before this series.

3. What will be the spoken language at the event?

Unless any foreign women sign-up, we will use Romanian during the classes.

4. What exactly are we going to do in the classes?

We will have discussions, we will get familiar with the types of eggs, we will discuss the implication of the physical, psycho-emotional, and energetic layers into this practice, we will do and repeat the actual exercises; we will understand the protocols for this practice and the DOs & DON’Ts.

Keep in mind this is an initiation series, so no advanced practices will take place in this particular series. 

5. What if I skip a class?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot make it, you can catch-up with the help of other participants. Since this will be a group series, you will have the support of other women along the way – including if you skip one meeting. However, do make sure you miss either none of the meetings or at most just one of them. Otherwise, you will be missing out on valuable exchange and growth for yourself. Plan your schedule so that you can keep all appointments.

6. What happens when I am at my menstruation?

During the menstruation, you are not to use the Jade Egg. You can either stay at home (if the class falls in any of the first 3 days of your menstruation) or join us, but simply be present and connected to your own womb and vagina. You can use that day to meditate and be in this highly feminine space created between all of us.

7. How should I prepare?

Bring comfortable lounge clothing to change into, bring your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and your pleasant disposition. There’s no need to put on makeup, do your hair or any of the other socially driven practices, this is an internal time we will all take – so our feng-shui will be more introverted during this class. In between the group meetings, you will be asked to do homework. It should be fun, vibrant, and pleasurable. It may just be a delightful homework for each one of the participants.

8. Do we take clothes off?

Absolutely not! This is nowhere near that type of event. All you need to do is focus on the instructions given, ask questions if something is not clear to you on the spot, and give yourself the time to really integrate the practice. We will also talk and share from our experiences (if the time allows for that).

9. Do I get support to purchase my own egg?

Absolutely. I will speak in detail about the materials most indicated, the size of the egg according to your own body, how to get your egg evaluated by a specialist (to get 100% confirmation the egg is really made of what it says it is); I will also give recommendations of yoni egg suppliers (both local, as well as international).

You will get all the information you need to make the best and most informed purchase for yourself.

10. What if I don’t like the facilitator or any of the participants?

You can check out some of my videos to see what my attitude is towards my work. If you get the feeling you don’t like me or that you couldn’t work with me, then I encourage you to not sign-up. By all means! There surely will be other facilitators for you or different ways for you to get into the practice.

The atmosphere will be built as a harmonious one, oriented to our internal states & sensations, it will be more in the sense of a meditation; our focus will be on the practice. Should someone not be to your liking, you can let me know, and we will seek the best solution in that situation.

I am looking forward to meeting you in this very powerful live series!

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