This masterclass is a pre-filmed and follow-along practice for women who have already begun their sexual lives. The content is designed to improve women’s connection to their sexuality, relaxation & soothing of anxieties related to this area of their lives, as well as work on sensitivity in & complex muscular exercises for their pelvic floor.

This masterclass is one of Liana’s 5 Intimacy Programs.
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This masterclass contains 9 week’s worth of content, as follows:

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Week #1. A Perspective on the Practice

Introductive videos to the practice, the tools needed, and basic body practices from the Taoist tradition such as The Healing Sounds & The Inner Smile. Downloadable PDFs are also available.

Week #2. Begin Practicing with the Egg

Follow-along videos with practices such as setting the intention, preparing the tools and working with them, guidelines on sensation, closing the practice. Please remember that no erogenous zones are ever shown in any of Liana’s classes.

Week #3. Deepen the Practice

Contains basic practices, for short (5′) to medium (20′) duration of time covering all types of exercises that can be done. This week also contains the Inner Contemplation and the Microcosmic Orbit (other practices from the Taoist Tradition).

Week #4. Just Practice It

Starting from this week, women begin following-along with lengthier practices (almost 30′), which contain complete pelvic workouts shown in previous weeks. Here students also can watch a first Q&A video, based on the questions received during live practices (this class was initially as a live practice).

Week #5. Keep Walking. Keep Practicing.

Women enjoy another full-length workout (circa 30′), and here women are introduced to basic stretches for the entire area surrounding the pelvic floor.

Week #6. Welcome to the Grind

Another week where a full practice is shown (circa 30′) and a second video with Q&As, again based on the live practices that took place before this class was filmed online.

Week #7. Every Jade Egg Master was Once a Disaster

This week introduces another full practice (circa 29′) and a stretching routine once more.

Week #8. Meet you there!

This is one of the more intense weeks, as the practice takes circa 40′.

Week #9. I want more practice!

This is another complex and intense week as multiple tools will be used, in 8 different videos. Dexterity and complex movements are introduced here. Also, another Taoist Women’s sexuality practice is introduced too. It is called The Jade Belt and helps women better connect to their pelvic floor and circulate the energy in their bodies.

Week 10: Pelvic Floor Health & Recovery

This week explains and shows follow-along practices to help release tension in the muscles and joints surrounding the pelvic floor. When we mobilize our tissues, we release our issues. We’ll be using stretching routines and accessories for massage around the hip flexors, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and even the lower back.

Week 11. Advanced Vaginal Weightlifting

The vagina is a muscle and it can improve its ”tone” with this practice. This practice is taught in a safe manner, using weights up to 500 gr / 17 oz. This isn’t the Olympics, it’s only a muscle tone for preventing urinary incontinence, cervical prolapse, or simply the loss of muscle tone.

Week 12. Anal Experiencing

We will look into all the aspects related to anal health and sexuality. We will do emotional release practices (as many people associate negative emotions with this part of their bodies), we will look at proper preparation and penetration.

This women’s masterclass is built exclusively on follow-along practice videos which range from 4′ to 40′ in length. Each video contains an executive summary. Each week contains introductory & closing videos. Some weeks also contain downloadable PDF files with further information, as detailed in the videos.

Note! This masterclass is intended as a structured pelvic floor practice curriculum for women. The weeks become available gradually, so it is a drip-content approach. If you wish to ”binge” on the practice, please note this is not possible. Every woman engaging with the practice will naturally feel the need for days of recovery & integration.

Masterclass motto:

”When we grow in sex, we grow in personal power.”

What you may expect from this masterclass:

  • change your perspective and broaden your knowledge related to your pelvic floor
  • get in the habit of using your pelvic floor periodically
  • benefit from complete pelvic floor practices (warmup, flow according to your level, relaxation, perineal self-massage, stretching & recovery)
  • over long periods of time, gain more sensitivity in your vagina (this is the interior part of the women’s genitalia; it is also a muscle)
  • through working the vaginal muscle, improve lubrication (in case of women experiencing vaginal dryness)
  • get an initial list of resources for women’s sexuality (through the Q&A videos and the downloadable PDF files)
  • build your self-esteem around sexuality, through the mere attention you will give this aspect during the 9 weeks
  • the practices that contain breathing, sounding, inner contemplation, or moving will help calm the mind and soothe any anxieties related to sexuality

Are there any masterclass requirements or prerequisites?

  • no previous knowledge required
  • consistence in actually doing the practices
  • accessories will be presented in each class
  • patience & focus to actually do the weekly practice

Who this masterclass is for: the keyword here is women who have already begun their sexual lives

  • women who wish to expand their understanding related to their bodies & sexuality
  • women who wish to explore new practices & enrich their intimate lives
  • women who struggle with low libido or anxiety around their sexuality
  • women who want to better show up in their existing relationships or prepare for future ones

This masterclass is one of Liana’s 5 Intimacy Programs.
Purchase the membership below.