”Get Your Orgasmic Intimacy!” ebook is almost done!
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This ebook is designed to substitute the coaching process I facilitate for people who cannot work with me in person—for geographic, financial, emotional, or any other reasons of their own.

”Get Your Orgasmic Intimacy” contains everything that I deem fundamental around intimacy and sexuality development. I based this perspective on all the pieces of training I took since I began this journey and the work I have done in over four years with 50 people in individual sessions, 201 in live events, and 3937 students in my online classes.

This ebook is useful to people of all (legal) ages, including those lucky enough to have only harmonious, healthy, or fulfilling experiences. Yes, there are such people, and they have all my appreciation!

”Get Your Orgasmic Intimacy” can help at any stage—whether single, partnered, or parent.

Until May 2021, the ebook is available for pre-order for the sum of €6. From June 2021 onward, after its publication, the ebook will have a different price.

Below are the visuals from the initial announcement of the book.
I intended to announce all the details about the ebook and also its contents.

Here are two older vlogs about it:


Thank you, and may it serve you best!


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