I have decided to reach out to my community. There are many costs behind my free work that I can not manage at the time being.

Making the videos on my YouTube channel, maintaining my Vimeo channel especially for some of the private videos (those for my community are all there for example) as well as making my second annual online report (you can view the first one here).

So I am reaching out to my community to raise the resources I now genuinely need in order to breakthrough this tough time. They may not seem much, but to me this is a difficult reality at the time being.

Here is the document with the financial details (as mentioned in the video).
Here is the form for getting the rewards from me.
And bellow  is a PayPal button & the bank account details.

I want to help:

Here are the administrative details:
Bank account: RO73 BRDE 445S V609 0402 4450
Paypal account: contact@lianabuzea.ro

NOTE: there will be an additional 4% to the sum shown, in order to cover the Paypal & tax. That sum does not stay with me.


 I appreciate your support & understanding!
My intention is to give us all the best of knowledge in our community.