In most relationships there may be contrasts in sexual expression. Otherwise said, partners may express themselves with different sexual intensity. Yet, this does not necessarily have to make the relationship less desirable. We learn through the differences between us far better than from people who are alike us.

A little bit about what I was going through as I filmed: during the weekend this was filmed I went through a very difficult and painful moment. I was on the verge of an ending with the one I loved. I was putting efforts to keep my ideas coherent and also keep my emotional pain out of my speech.

I kept this video private, and took a break from my normal posting, until I recovered a little bit.

I hope this perspective will offer anyone out there inspiration before they decide to end their relationship.
Even if my love story did not make it through, I stand by what I say in this video.

00:00 The difference of expressive intensity between partners
01:35 The two choices
05:13 Which type of contrast works for you?
07:36 What I encourage you to do, no matter what type of relationship you choose

I will see you in my next videos, with more charm, appeal and attractive states.