This class gives a structured and step-by-step presentation of what the breasts massage looks like and what it can do for the woman receiving it.

This class can also help a couple grow in their physical intimacy, improve their sexual esteem, and bring alternative solutions to disconnected sexual practices.

This masterclass is one of Liana’s 5 Intimacy Programs.
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There is a first section that includes the benefits of the massage (the impact is more than just on leaving a good impression).

There is a second section deals with the aspects of anatomy & reflexology that the giver should be aware when giving this delicate and deeply connecting massage.

The third section is dedicated to the best attitude to have while giving breasts massage to a woman – something which will help any shy person, or anyone that has received negative feedback about touch or other aspects related to sex.

And, last but not least, the fourth section approaches the massage technique itself: strokes & touches.

You then have two bonuses: #1. My experiences giving and receiving this massage. And #2. Responding to student reviews, critique & questiins.

Note! Please be aware the massage is not done on an actual human body. There is no exposure of primary erogenous zones (genitalia, anus, breasts) in any of Liana’s classes. The purpose here is to understand, get useful information, work on your learning new skills in sexuality, working on your self-esteem in intimacy and taking one step further for your sexual growth.

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Masterclass motto:

”When we grow in sex, we grow in personal power.”

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand and learn more about touching a woman’s breasts.
  • Overcome the fear or shame of not knowing how to touch a woman’s breasts.
  • Add a playful and masterful practice in the bedroom repertoire.
  • Know what can please a woman – outside of sexual intercourse.
  • Add a tool for self massage (women) or for a partnered practice.
  • Get more relaxed around touching a woman’s breasts – avoid blunders.
  • Get more relaxed around sex, performance and intimacy blunders.

Are there any class requirements or prerequisites?

No prior experience or knowledge needed.

Who this course is for:

  • Women who want to relax themselves or care for their breasts’ health.
  • Men who want to tap into the art of touching a woman’s breasts.
  • Anyone that has received negative feedback from a woman lover (regarding breasts touch).
  • Couples or singles who want to add a skill in their sexual intimacy.
  • Singles who want to have the basics in touching a woman’s breasts.
  • Anyone interested in learning the breasts massage technique.
  • Those who want to learn to better hold space in sexual intimacy.

This masterclass is one of Liana’s 5 Intimacy Programs.
Purchase the membership below.