You can change your inner states through your body.
You can change the quality of being in your own body.

Without extreme workouts.
Without massages.
Without anyone else’s touch.
Only with your body, senses & awareness.

Bodywork taps into your body’s wisdom.
Through movement. Breath. Sound. And awareness.

It sets all of you in motion. It shifts your inner states.
In time, it opens your body to new or more intense sensations.
If sustained periodically, it can „rewire” you.

You are invited to an evening of bodywork.
Experiment for your self how you begin to transform!

Change the quality of being in your own body. Shift your inner states through your body.


You will go through a complex bodywork practice that combines movement, breath, sound and awareness.
You will witness a demonstration of each aspect and a „rehearsal” before the actual practice.
You will experience an inner shift, with other people taking the same journey.
You will access a practice for connecting your body. And maintaining it over time.
In time you will embody your own pleasure in a more grounded way.
Aspects of this practice can be adapted for your intimate life. This is recommended after you have taken the time to better understand bodywork.


Individual price: 100 RON
Participants: minimum 4, maximum 25
Location: Mind Evolution Society, Bucharest, Romania
Date: Wednesday, September 18th
Time: 19:00 – 21:30


Change the quality of being in your own body. Shift your inner states through your body.

Important information

  • Payment & registration are done only in advance; there is no cashing in „at the door”
  • The price covers the space & light drinks (water & tea)
  • The event is for people of over legal age only (18yrs+)
  • Prior & during the event do not eat heavy meals, do not drink alcohol, do not consume any hallucinogenic substances
  • Please arrive 15 minute early
  • Bring light clothes to change into (long & loose pants, comfortable shirt) and a pullover or blanket to keep warm at the end
  • The event is not suitable for those suffering from: asthma, breathing impairment of any type, heart or blood pressure conditions

About me – Liana

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker™ with the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork (IISB) and I adhere to the Ethical Guidelines in the Application of Sexological Bodywork.

The Sexological Bodywork™ method is a somatic coaching method (connected to the body) which has at its foundation a learning intention. Bodywork is the foundation and it relies on the wisdom of the body. The body shows exactly what your inner states are. In time, with sustained bodywork practices, you can gently and organically shift your body’s historical form** (to be explained in the event) and your inner states as well.
Boundaries & Informed Consent are constantly applied throughout sessions and events.

Change the quality of being in your own body. Shift your inner states through your body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do I need to know in advance?

This is an experiential practice, therefore a thorough reading of the above conditions is required.
Also, phones are to be switched off or put on airplane mode.
No selfies or recording during the event by the participants – the organiser will have one person that will discretely take photographs and videos for later editing.
Please come 15 minutes early – we will not wait or allow people after the beginning hour.
Please try to keep a gentle presence. Remember there will be other people living the bodywork experience in the same room with you.

2. Is this a couple’s practice?

No. This is an individual practice. It’s just you on your own mattress.

3. What happens during the event?

You will listen to a brief introduction about the practice, you will be shown a demonstration of each step, you will do a rehearsal immediately afterwards, you will do the actual practice for 1 hour full, you will have 15 minutes of rest (pullovers of blankets are needed) and a brief group sharing at the end.
You are allowed to opt out of the sharing at the end if you are not comfortable with it.

4. What if I feel sick or bad?

If you get sick or feel considerable discomfort in your body, stop the practice immediately and ask for support. A person will be on the spot to help in the situation this occurs.
If you feel bad or strong emotions run over you, remember that this sometimes can occur. Your body brings to the surface what is „boiling” inside. Remember that all states pass. Take yourself light. Or, in case it feels too uncomfortable stop and ask for assistance or quietly leave the premise.

5. What if I get it wrong?

This is an experiment. There is no right or wrong, just outcomes. Ones you may or may not like. Your shift can come in many forms. Allow yourself to go through an experience without judgement. Nobody will look to criticize what you do or how you do.

6. What does „rewiring” mean?

Rewiring means a shift (on the long run a positive one) in the way you feel into your own body; in the way to spot your inner states and how they come up through your body; in the way you build your daily or weekly routines as to help you keep a more balanced and peaceful state; in the way you sustain stronger emotions or sensations in your body; in some exceptional cases, your body can open the pathway to feeling sensation in places that have been slightly numb in the past or didn’t strike you as particularly pleasurable.

I look forward to meeting you at this powerful event!