I have decided to reach out to my community. There are many costs behind my free work that I can not manage at the time being. Making the videos on my YouTube channel, maintaining my Vimeo channel especially for some of the private videos (those for my community are...

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The Way to a Woman’s Heart

Here is my perspective the way to a woman's heart. On my path to develop sexually I have encountered many men (and quite a few women also) who focus primarily on the genital organs and the orgasms that come out of a woman's yoni (a tantric way of calling the vagina)....

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Tantra & Sexological Bodywork

On the path of sexual development I have found two „fields” (for lack of better word) that seem relatively similar to the untrained eye: Tantra & Sexological Bodywork. In today's video I give you my understanding on the differences between these two fields and I...

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How we mess relationships & solutions

Making the video on „how we mess relationships & solutions” was not easy for me. I have learned these lessons the hard way. Relationships are extremely fragile and even the ones of us who have spent years working on themselves can mess-up. Whether we do something, or...

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Contrasts in sexual expression

In most relationships there may be contrasts in sexual expression. Otherwise said, partners may express themselves with different sexual intensity. Yet, this does not necessarily have to make the relationship less desirable. We learn through the differences between us...

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How men & women get „the hots”

Are you ever troubled by the way certain people express their attraction to you? Or are you ever troubled by the way people react to the way you express their attraction to them? There may be some things that are not so unnatural but you never thought about them....

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Boundaries in relationships

Boundaries are one of the key things in an intimate relationship. They can make or break the relationship, in fact. This is one topic we ought to look at more closely. We ought to learn our boundaries and open up about this topic with more confidence that it will...

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„Sexual Healing” retreat

Have you ever been to a retreat on sexuality? Have you ever seen a space where you open up, have the support of others and learn about your sexual nature? Well, here is my invitation to have this kind of experience. No matter if you are in a committed relationship or...

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The Art of Intimate Touch

If you wanted to learn to create a beautiful, delicate and transforming intimate setting for your beloved, then this is your opportunity to do so! My Online Temples are online sessions to assimilate the actual intimate massage technique. The intimate massages are...

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Out of the comfort zone

Today I open up about getting out of my comfort zone. Travelling is it for me. Travelling is the most stressful thing for me, my emotional well being and for my body also. Pure and simple. Even if I travel to develop myself in sexuality, it still is super challenging...

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About me


I’m Liana and since 2014 I began exploring the universe of knowledge on human sexuality. Since 2016 I am undergoing a formal trainig as a sexological bodyworker and I have decided to develop simultaneously a community of people with the same vision and desire to develop in this area of life.

Enjoy exploring my website!

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Recent articles

Sexuality study

I started a study on the interests and priorities regarding sexual development. The purpose is to shed „light” on what we wish from our partners and how / if we develop ourselves in this area.

The study does not require writing the name or any other personal information, but rather only socio-demographic information at the end.
When you have 10 minutes, I encourage you to fill it.