If you wanted to learn to create a beautiful, delicate and transforming intimate setting for your beloved, then this is your opportunity to do so!

My Online Temples are online sessions to assimilate the actual intimate massage technique. The intimate massages are rituals that we can offer to our partner.

As you will discover in each temple, the intimate massage is more than a sequence of movements. The online temples contain the benefits of this massage, the most constructive attitude, anatomy and reflexology, as well as the technique itself. The online temples help us offer a delicate intimate setting for our beloved, so they can focus on their own emotions, sensations or inner feelings. When it is offered in its entirety, the intimate massage can be one of the most beautiful, delicate and transforming gifts for your beloved.

Timestamps for this week’s vlog:
00:18 My perspective on conscious intimate touch
01:29 Announcing the online version of my temples
02:13 Three complimentary touches (oil based) from me
05:51 A remark about who actually leads the intimate touch
06:19 The power of the somatic: awareness and transformation come from within