Are you willing to know what can make your sex life amazing in your unique way?


YOUR PATH TO VIBRANT SEXUALITY: How you can KNOW for yourself at every time if you are in the best place possible for you, in your intimate life.
Learn the POWERFUL way you can live your intimate life. I will be sharing with you the simplest and most powerful tool for your intimate life, whilst maintaining the most vibrant sexual attitude towards you and others around you.

Your erotic imprint: find out what your unique way of erotic expression feels like both to you & others
Stepping into your erotic power means knowing yourself in a very deep and intimate way. Find out what is needed to refine your erotic imprint as you mature. You will also learn the „faux pas” many people do when they feel love head over heels for someone.

Identify your sexuality blocks & turn them into learning tools: are you encountering repetitive unpleasant situations in your intimacy?
Bring out your erotic core and see it shining its way to others. This is one tool I periodically keep track of in my own life and my profession! I have had my own growth in this part of life, I have seen colleagues, trainers, people around me go through this. And I have seen them stepping into satisfying & fulfilling intimate lives.

How to vibe up your sex life throughout time: growing and feeling fresh in a sustainable way.
ASSIMILATE the mindset of sexual „masters” out there and learn to keep yourself growing in this area of your life. This is probably the most important thing to actually assimilate – not just learn, but assimilate.

This is what I know about you: You have begun experimenting and trying new things for your sex life.

You crave to live your sex life with power, with openness, with a sense of freshness and aliveness!
You’ve started to take online trainings (this is an amazing ride!)
You’ve documented books & documentaries on sexuality
You are thirsty to walk on the different paths of sexuality (Hello. Tantra, Taoism & KINK!)
And getting your head around how to become that amazing person in sex that you feel in your bones you can be! (And I appreciate you so much for this!)
You may even be booking 1on1 calls or sessions with a sexuality coach or a tantra practitioner… This all feels amazing, right?

Yet for some reason, you still feel there is something missing…
The transformation hasn’t come yet.
You see other people around you creating vibrant relationships and wonder why you’re not doing it…
Your sincere need to get in a juicy stage of your sex life in fact leaves you constantly wondering why it is not happening to you.

Introducing to you powerful insights that enabled me to connect with my sexual power & authenticity.

Who is Liana?

Since 2014 I have began the path of conscious sexual development. I’ve been diving into online and live trainings, workshops and retreats related to sexuality.

My main training is in sexological bodywork (somatic sexuality coaching) a certification founded in USA – California in 2001.
My mission is to help people expand their understanding of sexuality through knowledge, technique & mindful practice.

I chose this mission because I envision a world of sexually conscious people, who get out of dependence, vice and emotional or physical numbness. I envision a world where people tap into sexuality as a gate to a more vibrant version of themselves.

I have done this transformation with me and it has made me confident as a sexual being, empowered as a sexual woman and at peace as a lover.

When we grow in our sexuality, we grow in all areas of our lives!

What some people are saying:

I lovingly guide a wonderful community of women. Unfortunately, many of them do not love their body enough and hide their sacred sexuality through shame and guilt. Liana is my partner and a friend who helped me open-up many gateways in my community, for healing & self-loving. Her events are all different, prepared with great care and reach those who he feel prepared for this topic. We should all be prepared to receive the most powerful universal energy! Namaste, Liana, in the name of my tribe. Our girls are fully grateful!


Founder of Suntuncopac - yoga studio & more

I appreciate Liana’s courage to address a delicate subject from a new, innovative perspective. At the events organized and facilitated by Liana, we overcome the social conditioning on sexuality and we access that level of compassion that allows us to live in harmony & understanding. That’s why the Meditation Center team was glad to host some of her events, and I look forward to work with her in the future. She is a trustworthy collaborator.


Co-founder at the Meditation Center in Bucharest

I attended an event moderated by Liana and after I came home I sent a message to a friend telling her to join me at the next one. Liana is a very nice, smiling, warm and sweet, I really enjoyed talking to her about sex, even if we hadn’t ever seen one another before. She made everything look very natural and non-awkward.


participant at the ”Erotic Voice” workshop