1-week coaching

Holiday Special

Intimacy & sexuality can be a wonderful world to delve into! 
The holiday season is one of the most delicious times of the year to enjoy it in a peaceful, harmonious and exploratory atmosphere.

If there’s something you wish to explore or expand in this area, I am here to support you to become a more confident, pleasurable & magnetic version of yourself!

When we grow in sexuality, we grow in our personal power!

On short & medium term you will get:

  • a detailed image regarding the most constructive direction for you and your intimate life or current relationship
    the focus will be on you -your role & contribution in your intimate relationship or life
  • more clarity on what you can do to transform or expand a situation, a relationship (as opposed to what your partner ”should” do)
  • clarity on your intention for your intimate life or relationship and find ways to harmonize it with your partner’s intention (stated, or deduced from actions)
  • plant the seeds for a playful, exploratory & beautiful attitude inside yourself for your intimate life or relationship
  • approach from a constructive perspective anything that bothered you so far in your relationship or your evolution within this part of your life; you can find the solutions that (in time) will bring a change or a transformation

Possible topics:

Here are some of the topics I can work with you on:

  • the most pressing issue in your intimate life and how you can do your part to overcoming it
  • owning & using your erotic voice
  • body talk and hidden messages in your body
  • identify and work with your beliefs in money & sexuality
  • a practice to identify & increase the body’s ability to hold arousal for longer
  • communication in intimacy and how to reduce any bedroom pressure

Keep in mind that you can bring another topic. Maybe you’re curious about something, maybe you struggle with a particular topic; all that can be approached.
This is your place of personal power and growth.
Use it in the most important way you see fit.

Transform the way you make love,

transform your life!


  • We will sign a contract (confidential clauses included)
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Place:
    • live in Bucharest + e-mail / phone / Skype feedback
    • all the work can be done online for international coachees
    • you will get precise details after booking the session and making the payment.



  • you will fill a comprehensive intake form
  • we will have a live / call session (2 hrs)
  • you will get a home assignment & need to write feedback after doing it
(within 2-3 days from the live session)
  • you will receive a written form from me (with important aspects that come up during our work & recommendations)

Cost: 80 EUR/person & 120 EUR/couple
Booking: contact@lianabuzea.ro

I look forward to meeting you!

When we grow in sexuality, we grow in our personal power!