If you seek a way to bring more beauty and growth in your love relationship, this workshop is a learning experience to try!

During our time together, we will talk about pleasure, embodiment, compatibility, communication as well as growth in love relationships.

We will find out some of the ways you may deepen your intimacy and enhance the way you show up in relationships.

Together, we will talk about the most common blocks and the level of embodiment that may, without intention, cut you off from partners or curtail your personal expression.

At this workshop, we will look at some of the resources (both internal and external) that can help you bring a bit more vibrancy in your expression.

This workshop contains both open floor discussions as well as basic bodywork practices that revolve around breathing patterns, sound and voice, movement, or consented touch.

The purpose is to obtain a clearer mental understanding, as well as embodied one, on communication, relaxation, relating to one another, and pleasure.

Our intimate relationships are our source of energy & positive attitude toward life. Based on how we show up in intimacy, and how we express, we can either feel charged or depleted.

For this reason, our intimate life deserves our attention, respect and genuine appreciation.

When we grow in sexuality, we grow in our personal power!


You may attend the workshop, no matter what your relationship status is presently.

If you want to bring your underage child, make sure they can sit quietly for several hours.
People under the legal age (18) will not be allowed without an adult accompanying them.

Liana, the facilitator, will speak constructively and politely, about intimacy and intimate relationships.

She will offer her knowledge based on her years of training, working with clients as well as from her personal path after taking up this work.

Everyone’s personal boundaries will be respected at all times.


COST: 80 EUR / person or 120 EURO / couple (people who register together)



  • Everything is said and done based on common consent
  • We respect the boundaries of others: anyone refusing to ask a question, provide an answer or participate in an exercise is entirely accepted, respected and complied with
  • Involvement in the second part (the practices): although we will not oblige or break personal boundaries, participation exclusively to observe is not accepted in this part;  it is essential to consider engaging in at least the solo bodywork exercises

Through these rules, the intention is to create a safe space for participants to engage in the event.

Transform the way you make love,

transform your life!


Liana Buzea – Romania, Southeastern Europe

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker™, and I adhere to the Ethical Guidelines in the Application of Sexological Bodywork™.

The Sexological Bodywork™ method is a somatic coaching method (connected to the body) which has at its foundation a learning intention; by reaching this intention, one gets a better understanding of their own body and sexuality. Boundaries & consent are consistently applied throughout sessions and events.

My mission is to help people expand their level of understanding of their bodies (and the way they embody their physical intimacy) through knowledge, discussions, and mindful practices.

I am looking forward to meeting you in this powerful workshop!

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